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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Happy Baby Organics Gluten Free Pouches

Happy Baby Organics clear packaging is just the transparency and visibility you need to provide your baby with the best organic food ingredients. And the best is the only option. From those early months when baby begins to explore beyond breast milk, Happy Baby Organics delicious variety of purees during that first year or a bit longer are a first hand recommendation! Especially early on, when you don't have the time or lack the energy, you don't have to make fresh baby food all of the time. C'mon you are an overloaded mommy and daddy on a busy schedule. The non-stop To Do list from your day time job working, cleaning, lack of sleep, and soaking in the baby moments are all in the mix.  If you are like us, sleep wasn't easy to come by, so having a trusted baby snack helped a few times per week and especially during traveling!

Clearly Crafted Baby Puree for Babies And Tots

With dozens of flavors and easy to open packs your kids are going to enjoy these organic baby food pouches and see their other awesome baby goods. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wild Planet Chicken Breast & Tuna Review

Canned tuna is not all the same. Not even close.  That's why a seafood company must respect the sea and the wild life therein before they can provide you with the best quality and tasting product available. Introducing, Wild Planet Foods, founded in 2004 with a mission that includes sustainable seafood and USDA organic products ranging from tuna, salmon, yellow tail, anchovies, sardines, mackerel and chicken.
(Wild Planet Chicken Breast USDA organic)

Monday, December 26, 2016

King Coconut Water from Sri Lanka Gold

Coconut waters are yummy, but each of them tell us that they're the best quality, right? We love coconut water for their delightful, fresh taste as an alternative to water containing high potassium (1.5x the banana) and full of electrolytes. Therefore, it's a wise choice as a natural hydrating beverage during an active lifestyle for you and kids. 

Have you even looked at the ingredient label of your kid's Gatorade and
the junky Powerade? Who cares that super athletes drink it, they're paid to say or do anything. Whether you drink coconut water for sports or for well being, here is my take on the new Sri Lanka Gold coconut water.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gluten Free Bagels #BagelsToSchool

Seeking a better gluten-free bagel? Enter The Greater Knead's #BageltoSchool contest by October 20th or if you missed it check out their website, Go here >.

It's not easy to find a delicious gluten-free bagel especially one that is allergen free and tasty! But the right gluten-free bagel from Sweet Note Bagel (known today as Greater Knead) is what you need to try!  That's why I would suggest you get on board and join me in entering their #BageltoSchool contest by October 20th, and hurry to win a year supply of gluten-free bagels! Go their Facebook page to sign up for their #BageltoSchool Contest here >

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wild Zora Original Meat And Veggie Bar Review

Just when you thought the gluten-free jerky category was jam packed and couldn't innovate: baam!!!  Merging grass fed beef WITH vegetables, spices and fruit is exactly what omnivores needed desperately from the snack aisle.  Introducing Wild Zora, the original Meat & Veggie Bar full of flavor and made of high quality ingredients for those who care about health and wellness.

No gluten No Soy No Nuts No Milk or Nightshades No MSG No Hormones No Chemical Additives No added Sugar No Preservatives No Dairy

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hidden Garden Gluten Free Cookies Review

There are few foods in the world that people can't live without. Let's get to the point and identify cookies! With so many gluten free restrictions we find and love gluten free cookies to be a needed replacement sometimes. That's fine if you are able to balance sweets with choosing the right brand and of course, exercise! Sweet, chewy, crunchy, soft or hard it's impossible to eat just one of your favorite GF treats. I don't frequent the cookie jar, but when I do, I love the cookies and I'll share them, too. I have been sampling GF cookies more often than I anticipated, and there are a few treats out there such as Hidden Gardens. Hidden Gardens gluten free cookies have beets, squash, spinach,  pumpkin sneaking in their cookies for taste and delicate nutrients still tasting entirely like cookies. From British Columbia, Canada now available in USA sneaking veggies in your new favorite gluten free cookies! Let's say, I wish these Hidden Garden cookies were around in 1997 when gluten free cookies hadn't evolved...if only I thought of this!

Certified Gluten Free

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Avocado Mayo Primal Kitchen Review

"every bite of food you eat should be 

both delicious and healthy. "  

- Mark Sission -
Absolutely! Today is  an opportunity to put down that product in your shopping cart and find a smarter food that still tastes good but is better for you. What you bought in the past may have scary and questionable ingredients. Ehh that's the truth we all face at some point. Decision Time. Got the stones to replace the unhealthy mayonnaise and/or dressing you keep using in your fridge and replace it to strive for better gluten free ingredients? Introducing Primal Kitchen's Gluten Free mayonnaise, dressings, avocado oil and chocolate bar made of awesomeness that keeps your family satisfied with delicious and more nutritious options. Let's learn about the mayo!

Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit Product Review

Watch out cookie monsters, the easiest, most convenient gluten free cookie recipe has arrived from Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit. Previously featured on ABC Shark Tank a few years ago, the product line has grown! I don't eat cookies or sweets too often, but when I do, I make them special with the best ingredients, usually cut out 1/2 the sugar, butter or excess naughtiness. With Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit you're able to pick and choose the numbered gluten free ingredients to make your gluten free cookies in a flash and have fun, just add butter and eggs, for example. Baking is always supposed to be a joy, and it remains that way, and now you don't have to buy those 5-7 random ingredients and store them in your cabinet to spoil.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Vermints Gluten Free Product Review

Finally, a mint that delivers on ingredients, taste and is certified awesome! Introducing... Vermints

You may be used to the taste of traditional store mints. Mouth cooling, low priced, wild packaging. Yes and their ingredients likely have red dye #40 and have artificial sweeteners and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If you love mints and gum like me, let's discuss better options because they are here :) Healthy snacks, ice cream, mints, gum, and other splurges are needed (we're humans after all) so I'm sharing these Vermints with you today. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Promise Gluten Free Bread Is For Celiacs

If you have Celiac Disease vs choosing a gluten free lifestyle, there is a different health standard and expectation. But we should reunite our standards. Those who know me and have read my articles regularly (thank you) would know by now that I have very high gluten free standards and constantly question the market place, restaurants and any labeled GF options because of ongoing disappointments and lack of policing and regulation. Yet I love our progress and appreciate those who certify their products, you rock! However for some reason in 2016, gluten-free standards are still not taken seriously by all.  However, today is a great day for gluten free sandwich lovers out there whom have Celiac Disease or a legit gluten free lifestyle choice because Promise Gluten Free Bread is a great option! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bisogno Pasta Is A Must Try Gluten Free Pasta

Is it yarn, a painting, is it premium rubber bands, or is this gluten free artisan pasta? Yes my friends! Introducing gluten free artisan Bisogno Pasta made from lentils. Bisogno Pasta is high protein and a vegan, nonGMO delicious and nutritious pasta improvement from some of the gluten free crappy pasta. Made in California and available at select retailers or shipped fresh online to your home cold, refrigerated Bisogno Pasta is for your new year delight. Lentils are naturally high in protein (made with pea protein, too) includes high fiber, and overall more nutritious pasta meal that you can brag about. With a unique desireable shape, instead of penne, elbows, fusilli, etc, a fresh cold pasta expectation (not stored in a box in your cupboard) will send you running from gross tasting gluten free pasta of yesterday. Just look at how beautiful fresh gluten free pasta can be!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bam Bam Broth Gluten Free Product Review

Paleo Penicillin Arrives

Health, strength and deliciousness. The back "bone" of our ancestor Paleo lifestyle is very valid today. 

Boiling bones is the most normal and primal food choice. Or it was at least. So how many of us today are boiling bones? Hmm. mmm. Not enough I'll admit myself!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nature's Answer Sambucus Product Review

Sambucus Eldeberberry

It's true, super berries are used to make medicine, oh my gosh who would've thought! The black elderberry, Sambucus, is a superb genus of flowering plants that everyone must have in their cabinet. Of course it's also a gluten free berry and remains gluten free as it's pure and not tainted with gluten in the manufacturing process. 

Our world is full of absolutely treasures and if you haven't yet had Sambucus in your medicine chest it's time for today to be that day. There is no need to rush to buy Rx drugs when there are outstanding natural botanical options from the superb outdoors here for us. Nature continues to provided us with food, water, oxygen, healing and so many more opportunities that we often take for granted!  Learn more about Nature's Answer Sambucus, made from elderberries to boost your immunity and alleviate, soothe and treat some of your health needs this Fall and Winter. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Plant Head Real Meal Product Review

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. That's why I make sure to have a nutrient dense, high protein, low sugar balanced meal prepared to get me on my day! If you are tired in the morning and unmotivated by boring and processed cereal, repetitive carb heavy bagels or other quick blah food, it's time to make a good change today. Believe it or not it's only going to take about 10 minutes or less to make a shake.  Having a delicious, healthy, protein rich meal is critical to your brain performance, and energy going forward. That's why I choose to go with a shake and I construct it differently just about each time to keep it extra enjoyable, fresh and low cost. However, you can't just choose any protein shake or meal replacement option on the market as there are a lot of misleading low quality products out there or very expense as well.So re-evaluate the morning and think about why and how this critical breakfast meal can kickstart your day. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cheerios Fails Gluten Free Launch With Recall of 1.8 million

Cheerios Recalls 1.8 million Boxes of Their Cheerios

I'm somewhat speechless yet I have so much disappointment and rage. I'll leave it for what it is because if you've done your research and live a risk-free life as a Celiac Disease consumer, or wise gluten-free shopper, you wouldn't have bought "gluten-free Cheerios"...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saffron Road Halal Meals & Snacks Product Review

Saffron Road Foods -World Cuisine

Introducing one of my favorite gluten free trusted brands, Saffron Road Foods - world cuisine. Saffron Roads provides Halal certified, antibiotic free, humanely raised animals frozen entrees, meals and chickpea snacks, along with appetizers and shelf stable products.  Their products encompass a mixture of cultures and traditions from Mexico, India, Korea and Thailand. Most products are gluten free certified, but they have some products that are not gluten free, too.   

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Send Me Gluten Free Package September 2015

Send Me Gluten Free

It's such a good idea and also a work in progress. Send Me Gluten Free has created what we all need, delivered gluten free products to the home. Being able to receive a variety of gluten free trending products from baking, cooking, snacking, energy, and desserts are important and useful as well as educational. We as gluten free shoppers don't always have time and ability to source these products, but we always must be educated and research products before consuming anything! That's why Send Me Gluten Free is a smart idea and off to something very special.  I just received this product including a few very intriguing brands.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mikey's Muffin are Gluten Free Paleo

Mikey Muffins gluten free
Mikey Muffins gluten free

Mikey's Muffin's are simply smart nutrition for your gluten free and paleo lifestyle. Carefully made and available frozen, Mikey's Muffins are certified gluten free and offer you a fairly quick breakfast or anytime snack option high in protein and low in sugar. I met Mikey at a food show where he passionately speaks about living a Paleo lifestyle, healthier living and utilizing high quality ingredients vs the common option. Mikey and I shared a common interest and joy for demanding more from brands, non GMO ingredients used and truly living the same passion as you preach. All Mikey's Muffins are made with a key on less than six or seven ingredients!  (Look at your other food and see how many ingredients are listed and if you recognize them).

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gluten Free Cheerios Are Disappointing, I Say

The efforts put forth by General Mills Cheerios to be gluten free safe for the community in my opinion are only rated: C. Would I eat a product and trust it because they received a C, the answer is probably NO. I've read the stories and interviews and analysis and they do a good job of trying to remove gluten contamination and ensure a safe product, but is it perfect, no. And is the company a good one, I'm sorry but from a food industry perspective, the answer is No.  Is Cheerios ideal for someone with Celiac Disease according to the FDA regulations, yes, but not according to someone who has higher standards than the, FDA, a corrupted organization in the food industry known to have ties to Monsanto and GMOs which makes them untrustworthy. As a Celiac my interests are health and safety for you. The reason gluten free Cheerios are far from perfect is because General Mills is lazy and non-committed in my personal opinion to truly participate in the gluten free mission. You must higher your health standards.

General Mills Uses GMOs (Cheerios are not clean food)