Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wild Zora Original Meat And Veggie Bar Review

Just when you thought the gluten-free jerky category was jam packed and couldn't innovate: baam!!!  Merging grass fed beef WITH vegetables, spices and fruit is exactly what omnivores needed desperately from the snack aisle.  Introducing Wild Zora, the original Meat & Veggie Bar full of flavor and made of high quality ingredients for those who care about health and wellness.

No gluten No Soy No Nuts No Milk or Nightshades No MSG No Hormones No Chemical Additives No added Sugar No Preservatives No Dairy

Hearing about gluten-free food innovation out of the state of Colorado continues to make me smile. It's one of the countries meccas for health and fitness wrapped around the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in all four seasons. Wild Zora understand the trending food diets, lifestyles and disease states that often birth new food ideas. Wild Zora gets the legit challenges and meets the needs of those gluten free consumers with Celiac Disease, auto-immune disease, diabetic friendly and the popular primal lifestyle for Paleos. Merging grass fed beef jerky and delicious vegetables, spices and fruit is unlike any other jerky or energy bar on the market today and don't fluff in unpronounceable ingredients or added protein powders.  This is not one of those fake or almost gluten-free products that should've been labeled 'reduced gluten' opposed to really being gluten-free.

"When Zora, our Founder, went looking for a healthy snack for her family without grains or gluten or soy or added sugar (that didn't taste like it was made in a laboratory), she did find great tasting BEEF JERKY — but unfortunately it was full of nitrates and nitrites and MSG.  It was also so salty and tough — it felt like it would tear her teeth out!  She just couldn't feed that to her family!!"


What does Wild Zora taste like?

Think soft and flavorful without the tough leathery jerky-ness. Wild Zora is very tasty and the meatiness is upfront with-out being overwhelming because of the veggie and fruity spices.  It's not beef jerky and it's not vegan.


How is it gluten-free?

Wild Zora eliminates grains, starches, added and refined sugars, and chemical preservatives.  Wild Zora test gluten in their products during manufacturing and surpasses the silly FDA guidelines of 10-20 ppm while focusing on <10 ppm in their lab testing.  They also do not permit gluten inside their production facility -- at any time or for any reason avoiding risk of cross contamination.

Where To Buy Wild Zora?

See Wild Zora store locator here > Available across the country in many natural grocers and specialty stores and growing. Shop online.

BBQ Flavor Beef
Parmesan Beef
Curry Turkey
Chili Beef
Mediterranean Lamb

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