Thursday, January 7, 2016

Epic Acquisition by General Mills Big Food

Has the small guy taught the big bully how to be nice? Only time will tell, but how much time and how much change? 

Hooray or Hmmm?

Have you ever eaten one of these delicious Epic Bars? You can find Epic at nearly every natural food market and grocery, along with some of the local stores and big food chains. They're amazing, any flavor actually (beef, chicken, bison and bacon). Epic products are gluten free, paleo friendly, low in sugar and scream about their grass fed animals and epic changes of land regeneration, sourcing and certifying humane treatments of animals. As of today, Epic Provisions is now part of the General Mills family of brands. Are we excited?

Epic Provisions Acquired by General Mills

Epic was once a small timer, now reaching for the stars. It's awesome! I remember meeting their founder, Taylor Collins, at Expo East natural products trade show a few years ago as he was in the new products pavilion. Taylor was quickly making heads turn with a strong mission for ranching changes and humane animal treatment.  I was impressed then and remain that way, but confused at the same time and scared that big food company, General Mills could easily ruin Epic's run at changing the food/meat/land industry desperately needed revolution. Or even worse, reap all of the benefits of Epic Provisions yet not make any real, significant changes to their own core General Mills product line for better health and sourcing of ingredients. (see recent issues below).

Who Changes First: General Mills or Epic Provisions

Taylor asks us to rejoice, not be worried. It's officially an Epic Day for entrepreneurial food trailblazers and founders of Epic Provisions, Taylor Collins and Kate Forrest. Having launched one of the best tasting and sourced products during the explosion of the natural industry over the last five years, Epic Bars along with their growing line of grass fed meat bars, jerkys, salad toppers and meat based oils has been acquired by big food, General Mills, and Epic is on a mission to grow ranching changes, restore and regenerative land with humane animal conditions.

Who Benefits More & Less?

Everyone of course. Epic gets supply chain and retail connections and distribution. We can hopefully find Epic products virtually everywhere.  General Mills gets to profit from an unprecedented change in the ranching industry for hard working farmers and the animals we consume. That's an investment for them, and hopefully, praying, General Mills learns to change their own product line for legit natural ingredients and lifestyle change. That would be, epic!

Can General Mills Be Trusted?

This is the same General Mills that most baby boomers grew up on eating and fed their kids. It's the same General Mills that failed 2015 gluten free Cheerios launch with 1.8 million recalled boxes due to adding wheat into the formula. Yes. The same General Mills Cheerios Protein that mislead consumers with high protein claims but is in court now. Founders, Taylor and Kate Forrest, have a lot to say about what is ahead for Epic Provisions; how they will change General Mills.  Well, it's obvious that General Mills infrastructure can't lead a growing trailblazer of natural brands so it's under their other acquisition team. Thankfully. Good luck friends! 

Read Epic Provisions Statement To Customers

EPIC Tribe,
Today we announced some groundbreaking news that will forever change the landscape of food. EPIC will be joining forces with General Mills to further our mission of creating large-scale change within the food industry. Staying true to our fundamental commitment to responsible land management, passion for animal welfare, and producing nourishing protein snacks, the next chapter in our company's journey is destined to be most EPIC! 
Katie and I have grown our company for the last 3 years by following our hearts and listening to our instinct. The decision to partner with General Mills comes from a place of love and excitement. This symbiotic relationship allows us to multiply our impact on land, animals, and consumer wellness beyond our wildest imagination. It provides us the resources to create a sizable impact and legacy that all of our customers and employees can be proud of. Katie and I are excited to be staying onboard and growing EPIC to bigger pastures. Moving forward, consumers can expect the same industry leading quality but with greater scale and availability. Onwards to large-scale land regeneration, improved animal welfare, and the prosperous health of our beloved consumers! 
With Love,

Taylor & Katie
EPIC Cofounders

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