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Monday, January 18, 2016

Bisogno Pasta Is A Must Try Gluten Free Pasta

Is it yarn, a painting, is it premium rubber bands, or is this gluten free artisan pasta? Yes my friends! Introducing gluten free artisan Bisogno Pasta made from lentils. Bisogno Pasta is high protein and a vegan, nonGMO delicious and nutritious pasta improvement from some of the gluten free crappy pasta. Made in California and available at select retailers or shipped fresh online to your home cold, refrigerated Bisogno Pasta is for your new year delight. Lentils are naturally high in protein (made with pea protein, too) includes high fiber, and overall more nutritious pasta meal that you can brag about. With a unique desireable shape, instead of penne, elbows, fusilli, etc, a fresh cold pasta expectation (not stored in a box in your cupboard) will send you running from gross tasting gluten free pasta of yesterday. Just look at how beautiful fresh gluten free pasta can be!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Gluten Free Craze - Is it healthy?

Eat more veggies!

There have been lots of chatter about gluten-free "diets" and "lifestyles"and whether they are healthy or not; Reference Wall Street Journal article. Together, let's review the food basics to help clear the air and educate each other on why the gluten-free lifestyle (when done correctly) is your road to a healthy, smart and long life ahead.  To elaborate, the following foods were created on the planet Earth without gluten. Gluten-free lifestyle choices are the healthiest and most likely the only, truly sustainable "diet" on the planet Earth...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Cracker Is Crunchmasters Gluten-Free Product Review

CrunchMasters are indeed a fantastic crunchy cracker that you may not have experienced until today. I sampled a variety of their certified gluten-free multi-grain crackersmulti-seed crackers and kids crisps, but they also have a 7 ancient grain crackers, rice crackers and large club packs as well. They are made in the USA for gluten-free consumers especially the true Celiac who is seeking a better tasting, quality and variety during their snacking needs. 

For me, a snacking beast, the Crunchmaster crackers come in handy during social events at home or should be brought to other home parties. They're specifically served best during exciting basketball, soccer and football home parties when the snacky cravings for hummus, cheese, sour cream and guacamole are always in one hand and a cocktail is in the other.

Product: Cruchmaster is the crunchies cracker on the GF market! How they precisely did this I don't quite know, but to be a certified gluten free product with this monster crunch is rare and awesome. Other gluten-free crackers snap or crunch in some form, but lack the natural flavors and mouth feel that these do, hence the name Crunchmasters.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Think Thin Bars... Delicious & Natural Gluten-Free Product Review

As an avid hiker, runner and foodie I constantly am looking for high protein, nutritious, great tasting energy bars to help me conquer my workout goals and adventures. Think Thin has improved their core offering and I'm excited to see the whole ingredients popping from the bar. 

It's not easy to find, but I demand food that taste great and does a lot for my body needs while being 100% gluten-free; which means zero gluten ingredients and zero contamination in the manufacturing factory, of course, which Think Thin promises.  Watch their awesome gluten-free video here...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kay's Naturals Offer Protein Punch Snacks Gluten-Free Product Review

Kay's Natural offers a wide variety of high protein snacks

Kay's Naturals is one of those great companies that think/execute gluten-free out side of the box.  Kays offer a wide variety of pretzel, chips, crackers cereal snacks but with much higher protein, fiber etc for those who are Diabetic and those with Celiac Disease... They are certified gluten-free, too! This means they are good enough for a hike, bike, post run or whenever you are being active and want a solid nutritious snack.

Kay’s Naturals products were developed by Dr. Massoud Kazemzadeh (known as “Dr. Kay”) for his first wife Linda, a juvenile diabetic. It was also nice to read that Kay's Naturals recently received a 2011 Trailblazer Award for innovative, wellness-promoting snack foods, so you know there up to something great here!

I truly enjoyed all of them and since they come in bite size bags your portion control is .... controlled. You can buy them per case and they usually have a bunch of bags included, so you're not buying one large bag at a time typically. My favorites were Cinnamon toast pretzels, Apple Cinnamon Cereal and Cookie bites (all with lots and lots of protein). 

Recommend to Active Celiac: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Active Peeps: 4 out of 5