Saturday, March 5, 2016

Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit Product Review

Watch out cookie monsters, the easiest, most convenient gluten free cookie recipe has arrived from Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit. Previously featured on ABC Shark Tank a few years ago, the product line has grown! I don't eat cookies or sweets too often, but when I do, I make them special with the best ingredients, usually cut out 1/2 the sugar, butter or excess naughtiness. With Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit you're able to pick and choose the numbered gluten free ingredients to make your gluten free cookies in a flash and have fun, just add butter and eggs, for example. Baking is always supposed to be a joy, and it remains that way, and now you don't have to buy those 5-7 random ingredients and store them in your cabinet to spoil.  

Gluten Free Cookies

These home made gluten free Snicker Doodle Cookies were bomb diggity! In my humble opinion better than what you would pay a premium for from a bakery. Just look at these fluffy, sugary and cinnamon coated soft cookies. To get them this way I followed their easy to follow numbered ingredients process shown on the back of the box. As noted, each ingredient was packed individual in a small packet and numbered for efficiency, probably saving 1/3 the time to bake cookies.

Gluten Free Claims

The founders, Taya and Leah, source all gluten free verified products except some flours. And in doing so they take great caution and best practices into consideration to clean and prep 24 hours later on separate days as flour dust can be very unsettling for a gluten free consumer with Celiac Disease like me! In general the word "flour" just irritates me. It makes me VERY nervous and gives me anxiety thinking about it's capabilities of mushrooming everywhere and contaminating, everything. However, I've seen first hand many brands who try harder to segregate ingredients, take it serious, clean all manufacturing equipment very well and last but not least batch test the final product to be sure there are as little to no traces of gluten present, or they "fail". Scratch & Grain says they lab test for better than FDA standards  <5ppm, which is the lowest gluten contamination test possible. As long as a brand consistently tests batches for gluten contamination I feel comfortable and must trust those who put these practices in place. Gotta live and demand this high standard. 

Gluten Free Cookie Ingredients

When one makes gluten free cookies, the ingredients are what set the cookie apart. Cookies can taste good with large amounts of sugar and butter, and terrible GMO ingredients probably! But they often have a certain scent or taste that doesn't seem natural at all, you know what I'm saying! Scratch & Grain cookie kit says they source mostly organic ingredients, non GMO and premium quality sourced suppliers. Scratch & Grain cookie kits take pride in their sourcing although they don't provide the detail on what products are USDA certified. 

Where To Buy

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