Monday, January 18, 2016

Bisogno Pasta Is A Must Try Gluten Free Pasta

Is it yarn, a painting, is it premium rubber bands, or is this gluten free artisan pasta? Yes my friends! Introducing gluten free artisan Bisogno Pasta made from lentils. Bisogno Pasta is high protein and a vegan, nonGMO delicious and nutritious pasta improvement from some of the gluten free crappy pasta. Made in California and available at select retailers or shipped fresh online to your home cold, refrigerated Bisogno Pasta is for your new year delight. Lentils are naturally high in protein (made with pea protein, too) includes high fiber, and overall more nutritious pasta meal that you can brag about. With a unique desireable shape, instead of penne, elbows, fusilli, etc, a fresh cold pasta expectation (not stored in a box in your cupboard) will send you running from gross tasting gluten free pasta of yesterday. Just look at how beautiful fresh gluten free pasta can be!

Terrific Gluten Free & Grain Free Pasta Exists

No box, not dried nor preserved that way to be stored in a shelf cupboard and forgotten about. Bisogono is a fresh pasta kept in the refrigerator.  Excited as I still am, I originally sampled their artisan fresh pasta with a few of my commonly added ingredients. My first trial was with their Beet Pasta and I was curious how "beet" like it would be and how red it would be. Beets are common bleeders where that color pigment is nutritious and used for dyes of it's redness/purpleness. I noticed when boiling that some of the red did remove but I used some of the juice (a little) in my sauce.  Gluten Free Pasta Standards Have Greatly Increased.  I slow cooked meatballs and steamed broccoli, onions, mushrooms and kale. My sauce also had vegetable broth as well as apple cider vinegar with salt and pepper. The sauce was not heavy, in fact it was light,  and only there to not dry out the food and add subtle flavor. Everything was ready within 15-20 minutes. 

Bisogno Pasta Is Certified Gluten Free 

(GIG - Gluten Intolerance Group)

Exploring gluten free food options are fun and not as frustrating as one may expect. I hope you're not a struggler to find quality products.  You can always go to Whole Foods and talk to someone or read my blog and others.  But the truth is not everyone knows where to bump into a fantastic new gluten free pasta, coffee, tea or kombucha beverage, bagel, immune supplement, or energy bar. Yet we live in such a fun time where we can have fun playing and working within social media to bump into a gorgeous picture of pasta and find that it's gluten free certified! Yes. I spoke to founder of Bisogno Pasta, James Chase, delicious and certified gluten free pasta via Instagram! Have you explored Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google + for keywords that you love and watched your friends and followers in action? Yes in that order.  It's how you learn about what else is available out there. 

Don't Settle For Crappy Gluten Free Pasta

Why would you buy and struggle through crappy gluten free pasta options any longer?  Fresh pasta like Bisogno Pasta is innovative artisan gluten free food for the taking! It's a great option and so are other lentil/bean based pastas that are nutritious and delicious. Some corn pasta if from Italy are good and some rice pastas are tolerable. Increase your gluten free expectations with artisan Bisogno Pasta. 

Beet Pasta

Spinach Pasta

Lemon Parsley

Note: Garlic Pasta - Also available and likely delicious

Cooking Instructions

  • Place pasta in salted boiling water (pink himalayan salt and/or a splash of olive oil) for 3-5 minutes. Drain. Serve immediately. 

Where To Buy

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