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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Organic, All-Natural, Free-Range Food Labeling Confusion

Are you confused by labels at the grocery store when shopping for meat, dairy, fruits, veggies and more? I sure am... because many manufacturers don't follow approved certifications because it's either expensive, a lot of work to undergo or they just don't care. Here is a large list of my understanding on many common approved food labels as well as non-approved labels (self-labeling) that you may think are safe, but may be risky to yourself, family and even the community.

Certified Labels: 
These are 3rd party verified by either USDA or non-profit groups that ensure protocol and ongoing practices are met to retain the approved and certified labeling. Often the labeling has a cost that could be expensive, too, so know that some farmers truly care.  These are to be trusted, but products could change over time. 

Fair Trade 
Often seen on coffee, bananas, tea, cocoa, sugar and is enforced by the non gov, Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) and if in the US by Fair Trade USA. Further, this signifies employees received fair wages, shelter, health, safety, may be in trade unions and any forced labor is prohibited. Very cool if you ask me.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sign The Kraft Mac & Cheese Petition Today

Hurry,.. watch, read and sign the petition to help remove artificial food dyes from our food supply, starting with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Yellow #5Yellow #6 along with GMO wheat.  Yes. You and I have both more than likely eaten ingredients created in a lab along side petroleum that were named with a number. It's upsetting. The ignorant days of "wow this taste good and kids love it" are about to end.  

Apparently, Kraft, a food super power chose to remove these chemicals from the UK product due to a consumer outcry, but didn't in the USA. How non American is that? Do not support such irresponsible behavior. There are plenty of macaroni and cheese products that don't include these artificial cancer linked chemical dyes such as Annie's which are delicious. Please hurry, read here and sign the petition today. Show you care by participating in change. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Top Shelf Cocktail Mix To Be Reviewed By Prominent GF Bloggers

Available online
Colorado & California

Top Shelf's cocktail mixers are about to undergo a Gluten-Free Summer BBQ Tasting by 10 prominent Gluten-Free bloggers all over the country (look out for more info). 

Just add your favorite liquor: 3 to 1 ratio

  1. Made from real gluten free fruit ingredients (< 10ppm)
  2. Taste crisp/fresh < 70 calories per serving, lower in sugar
  3. Ideal for cocktail evenings, bbq and corporate events
  4. Buy low price online for $8.99/bottle + free shipping

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh, People No! Did You Receive Your Food Education In The Grocery Aisle?

I dig how the Lawrence Journal has opened up a small can of woop-ass on a subject matter I hold close to the vest: The world of food labeling and questioning the mere nutritional truths behind them. As a consumer we are subject to excessive unique advertising, catchy tag lines and eye catching eye level package design which I support for it's creative impact... because it still our humane, responsibility to stay educated and learn about what to consume and what is "healthy". Once we are in aisle 4 and hold the package to our declining vision you are invited to read key words such as: low fat, sugar or sodium, reduced calories, high fiber, all natural, whole grains, heart healthy and many more that could be misleading. Often these phrases are placed with great precision in a flashy star or box in the corner highlighted on the package, but you must read further to be sure that low fat isn't substituted for high amounts of sugar for improved taste, for example. Your life is a world of education. The information is in front of you...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When Just Spotting The GF label Is Not Enough.

Nope. It isn't enough to simply check the ingredients either. It went down when I moved my car as I usually do 2 x week because I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, notorious for the awful street parking and mom's with luxury strollers. I scored a great spot, but of course that brought me into a new cross section in town sparking a new mood for me as I strolled down 7 Avenue of the Slope. Noticed I was nearby one of my favorite health food groceries, Back To The Land. So I walked in confidently shrugging off that I would spend the usual 2-3 x more than I was planning on considering all I was supposed to do tonight was park my car and go home. After perusing the new gluten free cereals I walked through the middle of the store and saw the refrigerated section and in my peripheral vision I saw the label "gluten free" shouting at me.

 Sometimes I can spot that needle in the haystack. I have a 6th sense radar for the label. I'm talented. Anyway, I was totally stoked for some Sesame Tofu considering I love Sesame seeds and enjoy a nice block of Tofu or two as well and dig the fact it was all mixed up. I read the label thoroughly which was a product from THE V SPOT. The label "GLUTEN FREE" was prominent along with Dairy Free and Vegan stamp approvals. Of course I checked the ingredients because I like to know what's in the food I eat and then noticed the food itself in more detail. Luckily it was a see through clear plastic box and saw all of these lovely quinoa hairs poking and speaking to me. I was soo excited because it's one of my favorite tasting grains that's high in protein. But I realized that the quinoa was not listed on the ingredient list! Wow! This wasn't' good and I thought I should check with the employees to be sure I wasnt' seeing things. Employees confirmed that the label wasn't matching the product and we chatted about this predicament. I was extremely disappointed, upset and actually shocked by the mislabeling here. Celiacs need to trust what the labels! Gluten Free labels are not a joke.