Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gluten Free Cheerios Are Disappointing, I Say

The efforts put forth by General Mills Cheerios to be gluten free safe for the community in my opinion are only rated: C. Would I eat a product and trust it because they received a C, the answer is probably NO. I've read the stories and interviews and analysis and they do a good job of trying to remove gluten contamination and ensure a safe product, but is it perfect, no. And is the company a good one, I'm sorry but from a food industry perspective, the answer is No.  Is Cheerios ideal for someone with Celiac Disease according to the FDA regulations, yes, but not according to someone who has higher standards than the, FDA, a corrupted organization in the food industry known to have ties to Monsanto and GMOs which makes them untrustworthy. As a Celiac my interests are health and safety for you. The reason gluten free Cheerios are far from perfect is because General Mills is lazy and non-committed in my personal opinion to truly participate in the gluten free mission. You must higher your health standards.

General Mills Uses GMOs (Cheerios are not clean food)

The alleged gluten free Cheerios are not organic and are likely made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If a brand doesn't tout they don't use GMOs then in America they most likely are using GMOs as they are littered in our entire food supply from farm to box. Although you think they taste good and are thrilled of a new option, there are better options out there (see below). Why? Most of General Mills cereals utilize cheap, low quality fillers, rampant sugars, and ingredients that are known GMOs. I never recommend knowingly eat foods that are made by scientists through a genetic alteration utilizing highly debatable wrongful methods where big company creator, Monsanto. Monsanto spends billions of dollars to suppress GMO education from the mass public and General Mills sources these harmful ingredients for you, gluten free shoppers. General Mills and Monsanto are big food / chemical company partners. I cannot support a known food terror, who doesn't support the real natural and gluten free lifestyle littering GMOs in the food supply and neither should you as a smarter consumer. 

Gluten Free Oat Farms

Secondly, it comes down to their lack of genuine farming practice. They have not and did not release any news that they will create a gluten free farm to remove the common contamination of other gluten containing grains. Therefore, they have dirty contaminated oats that could "poison" innocent shoppers who have auto immune diseases, gluten intolerance (it's possible) such s Celiac Disease. Yes. they have a process to remove the gluten and I'm glad they do, but I don't find this to be a respectful way for scaling your business and mass appeal as they're a large business with lots of cross contamination everywhere.  I cannot trust a company that claims goodness yet is far from it. General Mills has the ability to create change by establishing an organic gluten free oat farm business around supplying these gluten free oats to the greater natural community, that would be the ideal public announcement, but they did not. 

Gluten Free Processed Cereal

Third, Cheerios are claimed to be made of oats, right?  Does a Cheerio look like an oat in any way? It's very processed and cereal processed grains are not the ideal, safe and common way to digest foods. I'd recommend raw and less processed foods in general, or you can buy General Mills. You should eat real oats, heated up with your favorite fruits, toppings and keep it awesome that way for energy and safe living. It only takes five minutes to heat up oats and serve it. Cold cereal takes 1 minute. You can do it :)

 (I have not been influenced by any organization whatsoever to release this article)

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