Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hidden Garden Gluten Free Cookies Review

There are few foods in the world that people can't live without. Let's get to the point and identify cookies! With so many gluten free restrictions we find and love gluten free cookies to be a needed replacement sometimes. That's fine if you are able to balance sweets with choosing the right brand and of course, exercise! Sweet, chewy, crunchy, soft or hard it's impossible to eat just one of your favorite GF treats. I don't frequent the cookie jar, but when I do, I love the cookies and I'll share them, too. I have been sampling GF cookies more often than I anticipated, and there are a few treats out there such as Hidden Gardens. Hidden Gardens gluten free cookies have beets, squash, spinach,  pumpkin sneaking in their cookies for taste and delicate nutrients still tasting entirely like cookies. From British Columbia, Canada now available in USA sneaking veggies in your new favorite gluten free cookies! Let's say, I wish these Hidden Garden cookies were around in 1997 when gluten free cookies hadn't evolved...if only I thought of this!

Certified Gluten Free

 No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

No Preservatives

Nut Free

Retain your 
Gluten Free Cookie Monster 

There is no compromise for taste experience and nutrition. These are cookies with hidden vegetables and even fruits. Vegetables are not the first ingredient, but it's also not the last. Gotcha? These are cookies and you should feel a little better eating a few of these than traditional gluten free cookies.  Available at great natural groceries such as; Sprouts, Fresh Market and online!

http://hiddengardenfoods.com/#cookies-crumbs Hidden Garden Gluten Free Options: $6.50/pack or $48 (box of 8 bags - 2 each flavor)

  1. Red Velvet Cookie  (hidden beets)
  2. Cocoa Cherry Cookie (hidden spinach)
  3. Chocolate Chip (hidden pumpkin)
  4. Ginger Snap Cookie (hidden butternut squash)

My favorite was Gluten Free Red Velvet Cookie. Mm mm mmm! Made from 1/4 cup of beets. Dried and grounded into powder ideal for the baking process. The red color of this fine delicate cookie batter combo is all-natural and soft inside, just enough chewiness to melt in your mouth! A monster yet a bite sized gluten free cookie!

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