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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Banza Gluten Free Chickpea Pasta Is Stellar

Cooks in less than 5 minutes
Life isn't too shabby going gluten free today in 2015. Those on a healthy and strict gluten free lifestyle have a plethora of pasta options. However, the more common corn and rice pastas are lacking in nutrients. Meanwhile vegetable, quinoa and bean pastas start to show more promise.  Generally gluten free replacement pastas can be made from simple ingredients with higher carbs, sugars, low fibers and proteins sustaining the issues of malnutrition. This is why I rarely eat pasta.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Heart Keenwah Gluten Free Product Review

 I heart Keenwah snacks

Imagine bite size square snacks that are perfectly shaped, crunch in your mouth and have desirable taste, ingredients and leave you satisfied. Welcome to I heart Keenwah, taking the quinoa snack to a whole new level and taste experience. The founder, Ravi, was touring Bolivia and learning about the quinoa grains. He immediately became smitten over a ready to eat snack and pitched the ideas to his grad school friends. They concept was born and they went to the kitchen mixing quinoa to find a crunchy treat as we see today in the cluster snacks. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Nona Lim Gluten-Free Product Review

Hello, Nona Lim!
Delicious, fresh and convenient for home 

If you're seeking a delicious fall and winter filling meal to warm you up for lunch and/or for dinner, Nona Lim artisan food products should be added to your shopping list. I loved them and they're all very consistent. With deep roots of Singaporean influence, these products are made from scratch and in small batches. Over 90 percent of the vegetables including many organic, are sourced locally nearby their home base of Oakland, California.  In fact, all soups, broth and noodles are certified gluten-free, non Gmo verified, dairy free, and some are vegan, without the use of additives or preservatives, commonly found in other products eaten today. Their products do contain soy. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our True Roots Tiger Nuts Gluten-Free Product Review

PreBiotic   Resistant Starch 
No Grain   No Gluten   No Nuts 
Vegan   Organic   Non GMO

Introducing Tiger Nuts from Our True Roots

What the heck are tiger nuts? Well they're not a nut first of all. I met a brand, Our True Roots, at a gluten free and allergen free consumer show and fell in love with Tiger Nuts immediately. Tiger Nuts are a vegetable, in fact they're super nutrient dense tubers that grow under ground, like most awesome super foods. Traces of Tiger nuts are over 4,000 years old and some sources say 4 million years old when our Paleo ancestors consumed Tiger Nuts as most of their diet. In fact, Tiger Nuts are led to be one of the inspirations from foraging to modern day farming...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nuwi Organic Gluten-Free Product Review Quinoa Banana Smoothie

Nuwi has introduced a new banana flavor to their portfolio of gluten-free organic quinoa vegan smoothies.  Let's welcome the banana flavor along with their blueberry flavored smoothie that I found to be once again, delicious, refreshing and filling as a gluten-free complete vegan protein beverage. You may have remembered that I conducted a review for Nuwi blueberry and you should read it here.

Nuwi Banana Gluten-Free Product Review

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cheesy Boof! Yes... daiya is GF

Many Celiacs suffer from Lactose Intolerance either as a pre-cursor to living gluten-free and/or live with it everyday. If you are anyone like myself, you appreciate some fresh and melted cheese to compliment many other foods and it's important to find options that won't agitate your digestion.

I recently sampled daiya, cheddar style shreds, from Whole Foods-Cheery Creek Denver and found out quite surprisingly how nice it was for a dairy alternative... With a pleasant, fresh aroma and when melted it was near comparison to shredded cheese I thought. There was no awkward after taste or bad fake smell and taste. My two tastings were on a onion, tomato, pepper and broccoli omelet with shreds + hot salsa along with pasta, I was quite a happy boy!

Free of most common allergens such as: Soy, Dairy (Casein, Lactose), Gluten, Egg, Wheat, Barley, Whey and Nuts, daiya provides a fantastic cheese shred and some new products to look out for in the future. Also note that it is good in the fridge for 7-10 days once opened. For more detailed information and where to buy daiya check out their website. Enjoy!!!

Keep in mind my ratings are for those who are open to food, tastings and alternative eating :)

Recommend to Celiacs: 4 out of 5
Recommend to Dairy Free: 4.5 out of 5
Recommend to Anyone: 3 out of 5