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Saturday, March 1, 2014

List Your Top 10 Food Ingredients

These foods should be what you shop for regularly and are found in your refrigerator or in your kitchen table. Utilizing your top 10 ingredients to make simple and complex meals enable you to be sure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day. Since it was nearly impossible to only list 10 I put a few substitutes that I put in my rotation... If you can't make your own list today, look at mine and see how yours may compare and figure out ways in which you can learn more about gathering these foods by planting vegetables seasonally or trading with neighbors and friends! Also, notice the foods that are NOT included.

My Top 10 Daily Foods (In no particular order)

  1. cabbage 
  2. onions
  3. tomatoes
  4. quinoa or buckwheat
  5. kale or spinach
  6. nuts (peanuts or almonds) and peanut butter
  7. eggs
  8. chicken or fish
  9. grapefruit or orange
  10. green tea

Could I Grow or Gather Food? (If you have land, grow food not grass)

  1. vegetables (Seasonally yes you can or buy organic local)
  2. nut butter (yes but you need to likely buy nuts and kitchen blender components) 
  3. quinoa or buckwheat (likely need to buy unless you have a sizable land)
  4. Chicken (Call you state or local zoning department to build a chicken coop!) 
  5. grapefruit or orange (Unless you live in a very warm year round client, you buy)
  6. green tea (Most tea requires a warm winter climate so you need to buy)

Gluten Cross Contamination

Based on the short list above I can eat dozens of raw and cooked meals. Some of my favorite are salads and soups which never get tiring when you get creative. There also isn't any gluten in those very common foods except from the #1 killer - cross contamination. Yes. It's gluten cross contamination that is found in farms, manufacturing and production facility as well as every day in restaurant kitchens that harm innocent people. The safest foods above are farm fresh organic vegetables, but everything else including green tea, can have gluten contamination in the glue to seal the tea bag or from a facility. It's a sad truth and a likely culprit for those random days when you "thought" you ate gluten-free, but still got very ill.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Plant A Garden And Grow Food Not Grass.

This is a very interesting discussion to have. People who suffer from an auto-immune disease like Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance and a variety of other health concerns face challenges that require a lot of education and obstacles everyday.Yes. It's often unfair, tiring, expensive and the hurdles can bring us down, but we can't live this way forever.

Take Life By The Seeds
If you have property then your'e already growing grass, watering, feeding and looking at it already. If you don't have property you can find an inexpensive community garden plot and/or share it with neighbors and grow your own food. Gather some new or used tools and plant your future.

Those Earlier Men/Women 
I know it seems like ages ago, but most human beings used to grow their own food to survive. Yes. It's easy to go to the grocery store in 2013, but when you have a health condition, you have an opportunity to step it up and overcome.