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Monday, October 26, 2015

Plant Head Real Meal Product Review

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. That's why I make sure to have a nutrient dense, high protein, low sugar balanced meal prepared to get me on my day! If you are tired in the morning and unmotivated by boring and processed cereal, repetitive carb heavy bagels or other quick blah food, it's time to make a good change today. Believe it or not it's only going to take about 10 minutes or less to make a shake.  Having a delicious, healthy, protein rich meal is critical to your brain performance, and energy going forward. That's why I choose to go with a shake and I construct it differently just about each time to keep it extra enjoyable, fresh and low cost. However, you can't just choose any protein shake or meal replacement option on the market as there are a lot of misleading low quality products out there or very expense as well.So re-evaluate the morning and think about why and how this critical breakfast meal can kickstart your day. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Protes Gluten Free Product Review

Now called "Protes"

WHAT ARE PROTES?'s imagine a pea protein joined forces with a triangular crispy potato chip with delicious seasonings. Then imagine the name "pro" as in protein and "ting" as in things and merge them into something fun and catchy. I asked this question to co-founder Ryan at a food show. I liked it. Ryan and co-founder Kirk are based in Brooklyn, NY.  Protings are for healthy peeps and chip lovers who seek an alternative but love food and eating smart. No more empty nutrition while snacking in-between meals. Crunch on Protings at the gym after a workout, at the office, on the bus/train or home wherever you're hungry to avoid binging. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kay's Naturals Offer Protein Punch Snacks Gluten-Free Product Review

Kay's Natural offers a wide variety of high protein snacks

Kay's Naturals is one of those great companies that think/execute gluten-free out side of the box.  Kays offer a wide variety of pretzel, chips, crackers cereal snacks but with much higher protein, fiber etc for those who are Diabetic and those with Celiac Disease... They are certified gluten-free, too! This means they are good enough for a hike, bike, post run or whenever you are being active and want a solid nutritious snack.

Kay’s Naturals products were developed by Dr. Massoud Kazemzadeh (known as “Dr. Kay”) for his first wife Linda, a juvenile diabetic. It was also nice to read that Kay's Naturals recently received a 2011 Trailblazer Award for innovative, wellness-promoting snack foods, so you know there up to something great here!

I truly enjoyed all of them and since they come in bite size bags your portion control is .... controlled. You can buy them per case and they usually have a bunch of bags included, so you're not buying one large bag at a time typically. My favorites were Cinnamon toast pretzels, Apple Cinnamon Cereal and Cookie bites (all with lots and lots of protein). 

Recommend to Active Celiac: 5 out of 5
Recommend to Active Peeps: 4 out of 5