Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cheerios Fails Gluten Free Launch With Recall of 1.8 million

Cheerios Recalls 1.8 million Boxes of Their Cheerios

I'm somewhat speechless yet I have so much disappointment and rage. I'll leave it for what it is because if you've done your research and live a risk-free life as a Celiac Disease consumer, or wise gluten-free shopper, you wouldn't have bought "gluten-free Cheerios"...

General Mills Cheerios are not quality products and General Mills is a known GMO supporter. They "removes the gluten" from the Cheerios yet had no proven process that was even confirmed by an independent process to be gluten free safe consistently and tested over a period of time.  

The reports show they had incorrect shipments of grains show up and nobody caught a mistake of adding it to the formulation. This is like a bad joke on Comedy Central or SNL but it's actually real. Does Cheerios / General Mills employ a bunch of clowns or food experts there? Do you also trust your family with their other products? Hmm.

Have you seen my previous Cheerios review, here?

Definition of Gluten Free #OneGFStandard

If you have Celiac Disease you should never trust immediately, wait and see, before you are the guinea pig.

If you are gluten free for other reasons you should have the same exact mind frame as someone with Celiac Disease because your health is a wild card without a diagnosis. Is your mouth a garbage can or do you care about what you eat?

Good luck out there friends, and I hope we've all learned a lesson.  Gluten free is a food education. Stop trusting everything you see and what you hear. Investigate and get multiple opinions or your risks = danger. 

As for me, my health is more important than eating Cheerios despite growing up on them as a young naive clueless boy. Do not make emotional decisions as a gluten free shopper. 


The gluten-free lifestyle is not a fad, joke, or something to take lightly. Millions of people have Celiac Disease and millions more have gluten related illnesses. If you're product is new or changing to adhere to a gluten-free lifestyle, it must adhere to the FDA and Celiac Disease parameters. Therefore, having a third party laboratory test ongoing, especially a certified third party group with a reputation and track record is the only way to avoid a disaster such as Cheerios, a General Mills brand. General Mills is known for being related to GMOs and Monsanto chemical company and not for being in the "natural" industry nor the "gluten-free" marketplace. When brands try to do this at a large scale without proper experience they put the citizens of the world at risk. Trust? For me it's gone and I suggest you reconsider the type of brands you trust knowing how irresponsible Cheerios has been recalling 1.8 million boxes of their faulty gluten-free Cheerios has shown us today. 

"General Mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios labeled "gluten free" that may contain wheat.

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