Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sign The Kraft Mac & Cheese Petition Today

Hurry,.. watch, read and sign the petition to help remove artificial food dyes from our food supply, starting with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Yellow #5Yellow #6 along with GMO wheat.  Yes. You and I have both more than likely eaten ingredients created in a lab along side petroleum that were named with a number. It's upsetting. The ignorant days of "wow this taste good and kids love it" are about to end.  

Apparently, Kraft, a food super power chose to remove these chemicals from the UK product due to a consumer outcry, but didn't in the USA. How non American is that? Do not support such irresponsible behavior. There are plenty of macaroni and cheese products that don't include these artificial cancer linked chemical dyes such as Annie's which are delicious. Please hurry, read here and sign the petition today. Show you care by participating in change. 

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