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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Gluten Free Craze - Is it healthy?

Eat more veggies!

There have been lots of chatter about gluten-free "diets" and "lifestyles"and whether they are healthy or not; Reference Wall Street Journal article. Together, let's review the food basics to help clear the air and educate each other on why the gluten-free lifestyle (when done correctly) is your road to a healthy, smart and long life ahead.  To elaborate, the following foods were created on the planet Earth without gluten. Gluten-free lifestyle choices are the healthiest and most likely the only, truly sustainable "diet" on the planet Earth...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Ongoing Risk Of Dining Out Gluten-Free

Gluten Free Apps That Just Are Not Gluten Free!

I had just recently gone out to eat in Hoboken, NJ at a restaurant that was available via FindMeGlutenFree mobile application... (hint, don't use it)  It had good reviews and I had been there before, awhile ago, so I knew it was a frequently visited location with a lot of gluten-free food service experience so who are these gluten-free customers...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Gluten-Free Is Your Edge

Go Gluten-Free 100% Or Nothing

It's true that everybody these days is aware of at least one person that's trying a gluten-free lifestyle. However, it's unlikely that this someone has Celiac Disease, which is an auto-immune disease that birthed the gluten-free health movement. Instead, it's likely someone who either has undiagnosed gut and intestinal issues or is trying to stop eating so much bread, pasta and pastries, their guilty pleasure. 

More than 30% of humans 
have a non Celiac sensitivity to gluten 
where the auto-immune system is being compromised 
- Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

It's sadly true that the growth of the gluten-free movement beyond Celiac Disease research is due to the lack of properly diagnosed health conditions of auto-immune related diseases, rising allergies, lack of profit seeking Rx opportunities to make profits and GMO overload in America without research on short and long-term health. 

It's completely true that lack of food education and poor food choices are the biggest enemy to our health and future existence.

The truth hurts when we admit that we eat food that tastes good knowing it's detrimental.

More truth shows those with Celiac Disease (myself) who go on a 100% gluten-free diet and remove all cross contamination risks at home, restaurants and packaged goods are treated by removal of gluten. Why you may ask? Well the first reason is if you're unhealthy everyday something is clearly wrong. Secondly, wheat a common gluten protein is so abrasive to the digestive track binding to molecules in your body, removing it will show benefits. Third, when removing gluten found in poor food choices with empty calories, sugars and carbs from bread, bagels, pastas, cookies, crackers and sauces that are processed packaged goods that saturate American grocery stores.

The truth about common cross contamination can change if all gluten-free consumers demanded 100% gluten-free experience including those on the band wagon taking it more seriously. Even a little tiny bit of gluten can effect a Celiac and someone with an undiagnosed intolerance. 

The final truth is substituting gluten-free foods that are nutrient dense and more envinronmentally responsible can both fulfill your cravings and keep your health up. 

Common Gluten Related Symptoms (Reference Gluten-Free Resource Directory)

  1. Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation after eating gluten
  2. Keratosis Pilaris, (skin on the arms) which is fatty acid and other vitamin deficiency
  3. Fatigue, brain food or feeling tired after meals that have gluten
  4. Diagnosis of an autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative, colitis, lupus, psoriasis, scleroderma or multiple sclerosis 
  5. Neurologic symptoms such as dizziness or feeling off balance
  6. Hormone imbalance such as PMS, PCOS or unexplained infertility
  7. Migraine headaches, migraine headaches and migraine headaches
  8. Diagnosis of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia when diagnosis can't be pinpointed
  9. Inflammation, swelling or pain in your joints such as fingers, knees or hips
  10. Mood issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings and ADD

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There Is No Kinda Gluten-Free


Kinda Gluten-Free Isn't Real

There is no such diagnosis or diet plan called, kinda gluten-free. People often ask me if gluten-free diets can exist half way or partially in some manner. I am not a doctor, but I do laugh at the idea of shedding the truth about gluten sometimes since I've been committed for over 17 years, so let me tell you that my answer is No. Always No. And 99.9% of doctors will say No. You cannot go partially on a gluten-free diet when you are A) Diagnosed Celiac B) Gluten Intolerance C) Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive D) Have shown improvements removing gluten. 

You may feel "better' with less gluten because you've removed some common gluten related foods such as pasta, breads and cookies. That diet plan should first hand make you think about what you really just did, regarding the removal of nutrition weak wheat pastas, wheat flour, high sugar and dairy is something to consider learning more about. But if you don't go all in gluten-free (as mentioned below) then you're not gluten-free, you're not gluten-free, and you're not gluten-free. You are on a diet that removed pastries, pasta and breads, leave it there and do not refer to it ever as going gluten-free. 

Gluten-Free Only Has One Definition

Gluten signifies a 100% removal of gluten (wheat, barley, rye, malts, etc) and that includes any contamination that likely exists at restaurants and packaged goods. To ensure a gluten-free diet one must obtain a massive food education (yes it can be overwhelming at first, but fun second) and discover food brands (small and large corporations) who obtain a trustworthy certified gluten-free verification for <20 ppm (per the FDA) but preferably look for brands with certification by CSA testing <10 ppm or <5ppm so that you have transparency behind gluten contamination risks. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shopping Gluten-Free Smart In 2014


Health Stores, Supermarkets & Online Marketplaces

The growth of gluten-free market place was inevitable from a Celiac perspective because we knew from the inside that gluten was a health concern beyond an auto-immune disease. Since food is a main stay in our society, we can't live without it, adaptation and survival of the fittest shows Darwin-istic tendencies from business to consumer. Now the mass population, curious and naive as they are (wink) witness gluten-free aisles, labels and promotions in their local stores and in their email, advertising popups and e-commerce online marketplaces and that's evolution for sure. 

  • QUESTION REMAINING: From growing business acquisitions that we read about in the press, can we find out why we still face average 30% higher prices for gluten-free foods?

Who Writes Articles on Gluten-Free Trends? (Inside vs Outside)

  1. NY Times - A Big Bet on Gluten-Free, has been written by those on the outside of the gluten-free movement focusing on business and not the legitimate 360 degree educational mission for gluten-free change forward. It's nice to receive the attention, but it's not actually helpful to the masses and their lack of health knowledge affects the Celiac movement negatively with their lack of support for us and insights into evolving gluten related and non-GMO health concerns.
  2. - Project Gluten-Free Market Growth Provides Incentive To Educate Yourself, was written by Tracy Grabowski  (gluten-free mom with three kids) from inside of the gluten-free movement supporting and promising health and educational reform. You'll see her pros/cons and holistic thinking and takeaways that enable us all to think about food in a new way for change.

  • QUESTION REMAINING: When will our main stream leaders and big budget corporations listen, research and adapt the innovative research that so many of doctors, scientists have published to help and educate the masses on gluten as well as GMOs?

Shop With Curiosity Not Your Hunger

The wild card here is that articles written by the masses, who don't have Celiac or are not inside the true gluten-free movement, cannot shed trustworthy light on gluten-free food sources, labeling, health and provide accurate suggestions to those who shop for gluten-free because they believe deep down gluten is still healthy! It's as easy as interviewing a few people on the street and analyzing their diet, lifestyle and health. How many products have you seen that include "newer" ingredients such as quinoa, buckwheat, chia, amaranth, flax, teff highlighting their unique health properties (iron, fiber, protein, omegas, etc) and many more but their cost is higher than corn, wheat or rice based products with very little nutrient levels? Many believe wheat and other gluten grains are healthy, but don't know how unhealthy gluten is to the majority of humans and other animals since they don't research or believe that mass media and large corporations could feed us crap, well... wake up.

99% of food manufacturers don't care about health, just profits. When will this business mantra change? Eating cheap, pre-packaged foods is nowhere in the mission of any Celiac gluten-free consumer, that's just an uneducated, ignorant lifestyle. Just because Bisquick creates a gluten-free product doesn't mean we should buy it immediately; we should be investigating the source ingredients selected, taste profile and brand mission vs competitors. We need the masses who join the bandwagon and/or have legitimate gluten-free health concerns to shop smart, not cheap, and support those companies who combine health, price and earth... there are many!

Gluten contamination in food, beverages and in restaurants continue to be an alarming issue. How can we trust restaurants or brands that don't verify through a third party? Since labeling has evolved over the years it seems that without a certified gluten-free label we will simply cannot trust anyone or a label. That's why you should support those that go the extra mile to invest in their own products (which costs money) for these 3rd party label certifications such as gluten-free, non GMO, organic, vegan, etc and call companies direct asking why they don't have a certification. 

  • QUESTION REMAINING: Can you share this article and others with a family or friend who previously didn't find the value of food education or perhaps is currently suffering from a confusing gluten related concern?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Gluten-Free Survival Tips For Newly Diagnosed

Congrats on becoming 100% gluten-free committed!

As a 17+ year diagnosed Celiac, I've learned a lot in my years. This is a brief synopsis of why you're truly lucky to have a gluten-free life commitment. Mine started with a food education that I received at age 14. Now it's your chance to learn the world behind the grocery store merchandising and sale promotions. You have an opportunity to treat your entire body (brain and gut health) along with family and friend's by simply developing a "what is that" food mind. No more putting food in your mouth because it smells good or everyone is eating it. That's silly and too easy, and you know it. Now you have to read the label and if you don't understand it... which most of us don't because our food is processed and made in a lab, dont' eat it. When foods have tons of weird name ingredients, and very long shelf lives, it's time to leave them where you found them. Trust me when I say learning the truth about how food is made in our world will change your life forever. 

Is Gluten A Trend?
Absolutely not. That's just a naive person who makes jokes about gluten such as Jimmy Kimmel and Rachel Ray Tv personality. They like others take advantage of the trend and then laugh about it and get caught, so don't support them. Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Rachel Ray laugh at Celiacs here.  Gluten is a major health concern that the USA has underplayed. the grains that contain gluten are not like those from early man the world has changed and humans have, too. The focus on gluten stems from a Celiac Disease diagnosis. Multiple food allergies, GMOs and other Rx drugs are believed to play a role in obesity and other health concerns and we all seek to analyze the connection of all of them, if any in years to come. 

What Is Celiac Disease?
Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disease that affects over 3 million Americans. If a Celiac were to consume gluten found in common grains such as bread, pasta, pastries, sauces, dressings, medicines, vitamins, lip balms, etc then there would be significant damage to the small intestine villi interfering with digestion and absorption. It is also believed that about 97% of Celiacs are not diagnosed, that's scary. Further, Celiac is an auto immune disease that is realized from two of three testing procedures: blood test, biopsy and DNA markers.

What Is A Food Allergy And Is Gluten Also A Food Allergy?
A food allergy is an auto immune response to a food protein. They are different from other responses to food such as a food intolerance or Celiac Disease. The body's immune system mistakenly identifies a protein as harmful. These symptoms could be mild or life threatening such as dermatitis, gastrointestinal, respiratory distress, and anaphylactic responses and there is no cure. You must avoid these food proteins 100% to live safely while preparing for the worst.  The common eight food allergens are wheat, soy, egg, peanut, milk, tree-nuts, fish and shellfish and as you can see gluten is not found in many of these proteins. Be sure to discuss your health with the appropriate doctor/s who can help you identify your symptoms and find a road to success.

Gluten Is Not An Allergy
Gluten is not a food allergy. At this point in time those with gluten as a trigger either have:

(A) Wheat Allergy - An allergy diagnosis, but not the below 
(B) Gluten Sensitivity Not Celiac Disease - Undiagnosed, but suffer from gluten is likely 
(C) Celiac Disease - Auto immune disease that is realized from two of three: blood test, biopsy and DNA markers.

What Is the Cure Or Treatment For Celiac Disease? 
Just avoid eating gluten 100% including the risk of gluten contamination found in your home kitchen silverware, pots, pans, sink and cutting boards along with the high risk from restaurant kitchens. You take these precautions and you should be living a carefree, wonderful, healthy life. There is no cure at this time and frankly, who cares?  Obtaining a complete food education and watching our world turn to gluten-free, organic and non-GMO food supply is an exciting journey to be part of physically and mentally. Your life should forever improve.

Tell Me More About What Is Gluten? 
Gluten is a amino acid (protein) found in grains such as wheat, barely, ryes and related grain family tree species. Gluten has been over manufactured, especially in USA,  by the super powers as it has properties of elasticity for cooking that other gluten-free grains do not have. Hence, why a common person would believe that gluten containing baked goods appear to the eye as having a more full, flavorful and aroma perhaps. On the contrary combining gluten-free flours and other common baking ingredients would yield a tasty, aromatic baked good as well.

What Must I Know About Celiac Disease And Gluten-Free Living? 
There are four educational tips that will help change your world and those in your life who care for you. All health benefits and nutritional living fall within these high level concepts:

     1. Learn about Celiac Disease
     2. Learn the list of Gluten-Free grains
     3. Learn the list of Gluten containing foods and hidden gluten due to bad labeling
     4. Risks of contamination at home, restaurants and packaged goods in the grocery

List of Gluten-Free Grains And Common Foods 
Quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, sorghum, corn, rice, potato, teff, flax, tapioca, oats (however oats are usually contaminated at the mill with wheat so be careful to only purchase certified gluten-free oats). In addition vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, legumes, fish and meats are all naturally gluten-free. That's basically all living food ingredients :) except the risk of some grains and contaminated foods from these foods.

List of Grains Containing Gluten And Common Foods To Avoid 
Gluten is found in common grains such as wheat, barely, barley extract, rye in addition to bran, bulgur, couscous, kamut, farino, faro, kamut, matzo meal, orzo, panko, semolina, spelt, triticale, udon and other lesser known. Avoid all breads, baked goods, pastries, ice cream, sodas, chips, dips, salsas, marinades, etc that do not have a gluten-free certification or trusted labeling. These foods 9.9 out of 10 will be gluten based. Do not ever assume a food is gluten-free without an official gluten-free certification or thorough gluten-free self certification. Be safe and call the company or search for gluten free tested and approved products before consuming. It's a little bit extra work to eat at first, but then you'll learn and be more educated. Gluten-free these days is much easier than 20 years ago. (See below)

What Is A Gluten-Free Certification? 
The Gluten-Free logo stands for the independent verification of quality, integrity and purity of gluten-free products. You can't just slab any label on a product as it must according to the FDA be tested under <20 ppm or face risks. Find a list of certified gluten-free products.  Other trusted and independent laboratories may test for gluten <10 ppm or <5 ppm for those Celiacs who believe they may react to <20 ppm gluten.

Celiac Spru Association
  • CSA is for < 5 ppm 
Gluten Free Certfication Corporation
  • GFCO is for < 10 ppm
Food & Drug Administration (USA)
  • FDA is for < 20 ppm

Monday, December 30, 2013

Coffee Shop Owner Admits Selling Contaminated Gluten-Free Pastries

Recently, I went to Montclair, NJ a place that offers a diverse subculture and health conscious community. I was told to enjoy a coffee shop, Trend Coffee & Tea, but something wasn't right about it when I walked in... Despite the inviting Montclair community storefront and Trend's comfortable choice of music, the Gluten-Free (GF) claims I read about and heard from my peers were indeed false and pure ignorance.

Trend Coffee & Tea House LLC
411 Bloomfield Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042

(973) 744-1333

Trend in Montclair, NJ is a typical  example of a business who doesn't care about what gluten-free actually means, nor knows of any of the important safety concerns, but seeks a profit. 

Trend's Coffee & Tea Shop female manager/owner explained they DO NOT:

  • bake gluten-free products in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen
  • utilize clean gluten-free utensils, pots, pans, aprons, ovens 
  • wrap items in plastic, paper or separate from airborn gluten pastry contamination
  • 3rd party or individually test products for gluten contamination
  • care to understand what gluten-free actually means when I explained it to them
  • care to separate, adjust or remove their gluten-free products going forward because they make money selling these products

Further, when I requested the manager/owner to explain their gluten-free claims, they had none. I found out through her aggression that they indeed had no idea what gluten-free meant just that it sells well so they keep selling them. Trend's manager/owner explained to me, "Wholefoods labels everything gluten-free, so we do, too." Clearly this is not a true statement as all Wholefoods I've spoken to have told me that they don't label prepared foods gluten-free because there is a risk of contamination on premise. She is a liar. This was her defense against not caring about what gluten-free is all about. This woman just wants to get customers in the cafe to make money, period.

Promote Establishments Who Sell Gluten-Free (GF) Products & Report False Claims

  • If you see something not gluten-free say something and explain the gluten-free facts
  • Gluten-free symbolizes gluten-free ingredients from manufacturing to preparation to consumer
  • FDA passed a law for 2014 that all GF labels must adhere to <20 ppm gluten testing
  • Report gluten-free false advertising and claims to me and other blogger/authorities to protect others (

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Chef, Is This Gluten-Free?

To Whom It May Concern,

I don't know why for over 17 years I still have to ask this question, "Is this gluten-free?" The truth is, we all do, because contamination exists everywhere despite the trending growth of gluten-free food products, restaurants and bakeries adapting the concept, but not the kitchen safety pre-cautions. Further, I've seen many menus and website on the front page claiming that you are "gluten-free" but you make products in a contaminated facility with a wheat partner... so how is this a valid gluten-free claim?

Let's end the question, "Is this gluten-free" and all get on the same page on what it is to be gluten-free and not kinda gluten-free.

It's important as a respectable culinary leader that you have a reputable establishment that understands food process, ingredients and good service to make a living. In order to have a gluten-free establishment and make gluten-free claims all staff and consumers should trust that (A) all ingredients must be sourced gluten-free (B) no contamination exists in the prep and baking process or delivery of said gluten-free product to the end consumer ... or you are losing credibility in this world as an expert and a business establishment.  The public trusts very easily, regardless of the level of intolerance, if you can't support the simplicity of this  claim then you're unable to produce a safe product and the phrase can't exist on your menu, online or on your label respectively.

Do you test each batch for <5ppm gluten (CSA) or <20 ppm (FDA) to ensure it's gluten-free? If so, please share these results and be more transparent with your consumers and your promises with third party or home ELISA testing procedures to build a trustworthy company.

If not, you should know better that you're simply not gluten-free and that you can't claim, promise, tease or mention "gluten-free" anywhere in your company mission statement or advertising... as your'e product is not gluten-free and Celiacs and other gluten sensitive consumers indeed will get sick. Regardless if someone is on a bandwagon gluten-free diet, which doesn't make any real sense (simply because contaminated gluten at any ppm level is still gluten in the body) resulting in obvious symptoms or internal atrophy and auto-immune issues despite the gluten source and/or diagnosis.

Protect yourself and consumers and please be much more socially responsible for the growth of the gluten-free movement and from a potential lawsuit. Immediately remove all mentions or implications that you're offering a safe, gluten-free product. This applies to any restaurant, bakery, food or beverage. Know the facts and contribute to the world in a positive manner.

Thank you,
+Craig F

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gluten-Free Labeling FDA Update


Last week we heard news from the FDA that they're finally regulating food packaging for voluntary use of "gluten-free" labeling whether made in USA or imported into the USA for a mandate of <20ppm. This is a heavy topic so let's analyze it together to get a better understanding of what this means now and tomorrow for gluten-free consumers.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Truth. Whole Truth. Nothing But The Truth ...

I keep hearing, reading and watching video from websites and guides on how to eat gluten-free.  As a Celiac of 17+ years here are a few tips that you must know from someone who has been there and done that and doesn't take gluten risks anymore. I've seen the worst rice based foods that crumble as you eat it them, seen Celiacs who cheat on their diet, spoke with people who go gluten-free and don't know that it's a movement based off of Celiac Disease, and I've been inside a restaurant kitchen many times to see how chaotic and contaminated food can get. I'm bringing this to your attention because it's just a simple truth and because the gluten-free movement seems a bit out  of control and we need to gather it by the horns and live smarter.   

5. DON'T TRUST STRANGERS:  Most people learn this as kids, but I constantly ask myself why adults do this in the wrong places? You have to earn trust from people and places especially when they're making food special for someone with an intolerance/sensitivity. Don't put just anything in your mouth, especially when the risk could be severe digestive or internal auto immune reactions. And if you're not "sensitive" treat it like you are because when you cheat with strangers others will find out. 

4. GLUTEN IS NOT AN ALLERGY: It's not. Identify your sensitivity and/or intolerance or neither. Peanuts, shellfish, eggs, wheat, etc may be an allergy to you or more, but gluten is not. No doctor has declared gluten an allergy so be very wary when people say this. Don't spend any money buying a book from these persons or getting any other advice or you just got wripped off and bought them a new car.  Reference article here

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Do Gluten-Free Disclaimers Hurt Or Help?

Speak To Your Local Cafe & Restaurant About GF

It's all about trust. Once it's gone, it's hard to get back. There are many great cafes that try to offer the growing gluten-free consumer food options. That's great! We all appreciate it, but it's time to stop offering contaminated gluten-free food as this is not acceptable and damaging the consumer and your reputation.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sign The Kraft Mac & Cheese Petition Today

Hurry,.. watch, read and sign the petition to help remove artificial food dyes from our food supply, starting with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Yellow #5Yellow #6 along with GMO wheat.  Yes. You and I have both more than likely eaten ingredients created in a lab along side petroleum that were named with a number. It's upsetting. The ignorant days of "wow this taste good and kids love it" are about to end.  

Apparently, Kraft, a food super power chose to remove these chemicals from the UK product due to a consumer outcry, but didn't in the USA. How non American is that? Do not support such irresponsible behavior. There are plenty of macaroni and cheese products that don't include these artificial cancer linked chemical dyes such as Annie's which are delicious. Please hurry, read here and sign the petition today. Show you care by participating in change. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Contamination Reality

Being gluten-free can be a bit lonely and at times you may feel socially separated. We've all felt that way and that's okay because we are different. It's important to understand and feel confident that you're not like everyone else because you can't eat gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, malts and more.

I was recently reading this article from about gluten-free students who are stepping up to the reality that they can't eat from their own university dining hall. They can't eat at restaurants either because of the high level of contamination. We've seen many restaurants around the globe create gluten-free menus, offer to come up with a unique dish for you, but is it safe enough?

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Dear Gluten-Free consumers and/or those who have ever heard of the Gluten-Free lifestyle movement,

The gluten-free movement has grown albeit entering near mainstream, is at a pivotal moment for improvement or destruction to our health. I need not scare you, but I challenge you to educate yourself more fully about gluten-free food ingredients and manufacturer preparation.

Gluten is the common name for the proteins in specific grains that are harmful to persons with Celiac Disease. These proteins are found in ALL forms of wheat (including durum, semolina, spelt, kamut, einkorn and faro) and related grains ryebarley and triticale and MUST be eliminated. Celiac Disease (CD) is a lifelong inherited autoimmune condition affecting children and adults. When people with CD eat foods that contain gluten, it creates an immune-mediated toxic reaction that causes damage to the small intestine and does not allow food to be properly absorbed. Even small amounts of gluten in foods can affect those with CD and cause health problems.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

GF FDA Regulations Coming!

Gluten-Free in the mainstream for the right cause yesterday.  CBS reports that the FDA mentions they will push regulations to monitor Gluten-Free claims.

The issues, as shared many times before, are that companies are not held accountable for claiming gluten-free labeling, which has nearly no regulations to date. And to max out the trials and tribulations that those with Celiac Disease suffer vs those with are on the gluten free band wagon. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Protect Celiacs w/ Gaining Gluten-Free Awareness!

My grandfather just sent me an article like this one but from Florida Sun Sentinel about the growing interest to the public about going gluten-free. Thanks Pop!

This is good news, right? maybe? not quite... This is a terribly concerning article for Celiacs...

The major concern I have when I see articles like this (more are circulating about benefits to going gluten-free to the masses each week) is that people like myself who are diagnosed Celiacs, have to eat gluten-free (strictly 100% gluten-free) for medical reasons. Therefore if a company, restaurant or anyone else wants to join the band wagon to cater to make money on this growing market opportunity they must learn how to prepare gluten-free foods and guarantee food is safe for Celiacs, too not just the followers.  

"If a restaurant offers 'gluten-free' options on their menu and I can't eat it as a Celiac,  since I asked them detailed questions about their kitchen, well guess what, it's not gluten-free!" 
-Craig F (Colorado)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gluten Free Means 100% No Gluten. California Pizza Kitchen's Cross Contamination Is Harming People!


The gluten-free diet was created for people with an auto immune digestive disease called Celiac Disease.  There is a major epidemic going on right now that can be summarized into two main issues for our gluten-free community to understand:

  1. Restaurants who claim to be gluten-free and are not
  2. People who eat gluten but say they're gluten-free
The NDDIC reportsThe only treatment for Celiac Disease is a gluten-free diet.... For most people, following this diet will stop symptoms, heal existing intestinal damage, and prevent further damage.... To stay well, people with Celiac Disease must avoid gluten for the rest of their lives. Eating even a small amount of gluten can damage the small intestine. The damage will occur in anyone with the disease, including people without noticeable symptoms. Depending on a person's age at diagnosis, some problems will not improve, such as short stature and dental enamel defects. To stay well, people with celiac disease must avoid gluten for the rest of their lives. Eating even a small amount of gluten can damage the small intestine. The damage will occur in anyone with the disease, including people without noticeable symptoms. Depending on a person's age at diagnosis, some problems will not improve, such as short stature and dental enamel defects.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Channel 8 & 9 News Reports on Chef in Glenwood Springs

I'd like to take this moment and thank KJCT8 & Colorado 9 news for reporting last night on this important matter:  These are MUST see reports! Click below.

News is that Damian Cardone moved to NJ.... restaurants beware! diners beware!

KJCT8 news: Chef deliberateyl tries to make customers sick. Link
Colorado 9 news: Chef's gluten-free secret posted online uproar. Link

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chef Damian J Cardone calls Gluten Free Diners Idiots

This Colorado chef Damian Cardone, who people have trusted to cook food for with allergies, sensitivities, etc posts on his Facebook that he has purposely poisoned innocent gluten free patrons with gluten pasta after they requested a gluten free meal.

Perhaps, the most disturbing chef related story ever reported to date that I am aware of. Imagine yourself, going to a restaurant and trusting them with your life, only to find out that the chef doesn't believe you actually have an allergy and could poison you, at worst kill you!!!

I must admit this hurts the Gluten Free Community immediately. How can we trust certain companies, manufacturers and chefs when this comes out to the public. It's important though, that all trust is NOT lost because we know there are so many great companies, small and large,  who do care, unlike Damian Cardone. But please, be wary, more careful than ever before. 

This news has it the gluten free community turned UP SIDE DOWN and this will not be the last of the repercussions around what is in store for this uneducated, inconsiderate, ruthless individual who may have an illness of his own.  We can only hope that someone can find him, speak with him and understand why he has hate, distrust and malicious behavior wrapped up in his life.

Our community leaders asks that you re-post, re-tweet and report Damien Cardone's story to your local bloggers, restaurant owners and of course any TV news providers as soon as possible to help us put a stop to this man's efforts to poison innocent people and have him never work again in the food, beverage and hospitality industries.

Here is a link to view the Facebook post and see it for yourself. I also have many screen shots of the post, his page and his info.

Monday, July 12, 2010

GF Pizza That Is Not GF?

I love pizza... It is a treat for me... It smells, looks and tastes beautifully! Am I drooling? But I have horrible news for you, my gluten-free friends... just because the pizza ingredients are touted as gluten-free that does not mean when it arrives on your plate @ your table it still is.

Why you ask? Well a lot of restaurants are supporting the gluten-free movement and we love this, but when you are a Celiac you need to ask more questions about the kitchen preparations that they won't always tell you upfront. Often the question you should ask to your waiter and/or manager on duty should be:


  • Do you use the same pizza tray or stone?
  • Does the chef change his apron?
  • Does the chefs or line use separate ingredients for all pizza?
  • Do you bake your pizza in the same oven as regular pizza? 

Unfortunately this may be the case ... your GF food may be contaminated with traces or more of gluten more often than not so please be wise and ask this question when you hear about your pizza and also dishes of rice, pasta, other baked, grilled or fried gf options! Tell them how important it is that you separate GF so places stop touting food as gluten-free lifestyle half ass and more strictly following 100% gluten-free for those who are medically diagnosed as Celiacs! It is confusing all of us and getting many Celiacs ill without knowing. For all of you who are eating gluten-free lifestyle start taking it more seriously and help the rest of us by demanding 100% gf because of this issue.