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Friday, April 18, 2014

Green Festival NY & DC Coming Soon!

 GlutenFreeG Attends Green Festival NY & DC

What goes on @GreenFestival? Learning/Shopping/Living

Hey east coast peeps, Green Fest is here so grab your friends and family and explore the scene. The Green Festival, brought to you by Green America and Green Exchange, has been around for 13 successful years...

  • If you're curious or have an everyday interest in living healthier and more environmentally sustainable. Attend!
  • If you're interested in seeing the growth of organic, vegan and vegetarian products, sampling them and watching cooking demos. Attend!
  • Interested in shopping? Show your support for creative and beautiful eco-friendly and sustainable products. Attend!
  • Socialize with others, attend speakers and watch live music. Attend!

Green Festival NYC

April 26 & 27 (10-6pm)
Buy Your NYC Ticket In Advance, Green Festival NY Tickets here.
  • $10 online in advance
  • $20 door

Green Festival DC

May 31 & June 1 (10-6pm)
Buy Your Washington DC Ticket In Advance, Green Festival DC Tickets here.
  • $10 online in advance
  • $20 door
 Learn more about living gluten-free at

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When Just Spotting The GF label Is Not Enough.

Nope. It isn't enough to simply check the ingredients either. It went down when I moved my car as I usually do 2 x week because I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, notorious for the awful street parking and mom's with luxury strollers. I scored a great spot, but of course that brought me into a new cross section in town sparking a new mood for me as I strolled down 7 Avenue of the Slope. Noticed I was nearby one of my favorite health food groceries, Back To The Land. So I walked in confidently shrugging off that I would spend the usual 2-3 x more than I was planning on considering all I was supposed to do tonight was park my car and go home. After perusing the new gluten free cereals I walked through the middle of the store and saw the refrigerated section and in my peripheral vision I saw the label "gluten free" shouting at me.

 Sometimes I can spot that needle in the haystack. I have a 6th sense radar for the label. I'm talented. Anyway, I was totally stoked for some Sesame Tofu considering I love Sesame seeds and enjoy a nice block of Tofu or two as well and dig the fact it was all mixed up. I read the label thoroughly which was a product from THE V SPOT. The label "GLUTEN FREE" was prominent along with Dairy Free and Vegan stamp approvals. Of course I checked the ingredients because I like to know what's in the food I eat and then noticed the food itself in more detail. Luckily it was a see through clear plastic box and saw all of these lovely quinoa hairs poking and speaking to me. I was soo excited because it's one of my favorite tasting grains that's high in protein. But I realized that the quinoa was not listed on the ingredient list! Wow! This wasn't' good and I thought I should check with the employees to be sure I wasnt' seeing things. Employees confirmed that the label wasn't matching the product and we chatted about this predicament. I was extremely disappointed, upset and actually shocked by the mislabeling here. Celiacs need to trust what the labels! Gluten Free labels are not a joke.