Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh, People No! Did You Receive Your Food Education In The Grocery Aisle?

I dig how the Lawrence Journal has opened up a small can of woop-ass on a subject matter I hold close to the vest: The world of food labeling and questioning the mere nutritional truths behind them. As a consumer we are subject to excessive unique advertising, catchy tag lines and eye catching eye level package design which I support for it's creative impact... because it still our humane, responsibility to stay educated and learn about what to consume and what is "healthy". Once we are in aisle 4 and hold the package to our declining vision you are invited to read key words such as: low fat, sugar or sodium, reduced calories, high fiber, all natural, whole grains, heart healthy and many more that could be misleading. Often these phrases are placed with great precision in a flashy star or box in the corner highlighted on the package, but you must read further to be sure that low fat isn't substituted for high amounts of sugar for improved taste, for example. Your life is a world of education. The information is in front of you...

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