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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chef Damian J Cardone calls Gluten Free Diners Idiots

This Colorado chef Damian Cardone, who people have trusted to cook food for with allergies, sensitivities, etc posts on his Facebook that he has purposely poisoned innocent gluten free patrons with gluten pasta after they requested a gluten free meal.

Perhaps, the most disturbing chef related story ever reported to date that I am aware of. Imagine yourself, going to a restaurant and trusting them with your life, only to find out that the chef doesn't believe you actually have an allergy and could poison you, at worst kill you!!!

I must admit this hurts the Gluten Free Community immediately. How can we trust certain companies, manufacturers and chefs when this comes out to the public. It's important though, that all trust is NOT lost because we know there are so many great companies, small and large,  who do care, unlike Damian Cardone. But please, be wary, more careful than ever before. 

This news has it the gluten free community turned UP SIDE DOWN and this will not be the last of the repercussions around what is in store for this uneducated, inconsiderate, ruthless individual who may have an illness of his own.  We can only hope that someone can find him, speak with him and understand why he has hate, distrust and malicious behavior wrapped up in his life.

Our community leaders asks that you re-post, re-tweet and report Damien Cardone's story to your local bloggers, restaurant owners and of course any TV news providers as soon as possible to help us put a stop to this man's efforts to poison innocent people and have him never work again in the food, beverage and hospitality industries.

Here is a link to view the Facebook post and see it for yourself. I also have many screen shots of the post, his page and his info.