Friday, October 3, 2014

Our True Roots Tiger Nuts Gluten-Free Product Review

PreBiotic   Resistant Starch 
No Grain   No Gluten   No Nuts 
Vegan   Organic   Non GMO

Introducing Tiger Nuts from Our True Roots

What the heck are tiger nuts? Well they're not a nut first of all. I met a brand, Our True Roots, at a gluten free and allergen free consumer show and fell in love with Tiger Nuts immediately. Tiger Nuts are a vegetable, in fact they're super nutrient dense tubers that grow under ground, like most awesome super foods. Traces of Tiger nuts are over 4,000 years old and some sources say 4 million years old when our Paleo ancestors consumed Tiger Nuts as most of their diet. In fact, Tiger Nuts are led to be one of the inspirations from foraging to modern day farming...

Our True Roots is a Brooklyn, NY based company, and produce Raw Organic Tiger Nuts, Tiger Nut Horchata beverage, oil and flour all made from tiger nuts. #BornInAfrica#BredInBrooklyn. In fact these are USDA Organic, non GMO project verified, and their Brooklyn facility is dedicated gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free and dairy-free. 

Raw Organic Tiger Nuts 

Our True Roots says, it's a resistant starch, known as a prebiotic, which is the preferred food of our gut as early man foraged (not processed foods that you find in 90% of grocery stores).  Tiger Nuts are organic, gluten-free, allergen free and again a tuber that is found underground. Take a few and chew on them and taste their nutty yet sweet taste, and know that their properties provide preventative immunity, but don't eat too many, unless you're active. They're naturally high in fiber and sugar and approximately five Tiger Nuts are a serving. That seems a bit low since I just had 15 and want another 15 so I'll be active today, like usual. Approximately $12.99 per 12 oz bag.  #FoodIsMedicine

Tiger Nut Horchata

Wow. A crisp, refreshing and sweet Horchata, all made with Tiger Nuts.  True Roots proclaims, Horchata was crafted in13th Century, when King James from Spain sipped and exclaimed, "It's golden, darling!" This Horchata is guaranteed USDA  organic, non GMO, vegan, paleo, raw, kosher, and of course gluten-free produced in Brooklyn.Tiger Nuts Horchata is available in honey, coffee, strawberry, chai, banana and original.  I don't often like to drink my calories, but it's just above 100 per serving.  This is 1 serving size 12 fl oz and there are not much added ingredients. Our True Roots uses filtered water, organic tiger nuts, and adds high quality touches to each horchata beverage such as organic coffee, organic medjool dates, organic spices, organic honey, etc. As you can tell it's NOT full of crap and it's a fair protein, sugar and fiber combination due to the tiger nuts themselves. Shake-shake! The sediment on the bottom is the resistant starches itself. Don't worry it's more than okay for you.  #OhSoPaleo

Cold Pressed Tiger Nut Oil & Tiger  Nut Flour 

Tiger Nut Oil was used for 4,000 ago by Egyptians for various medicinal reasons. It's believed to have higher oleic acid contents than a traditional and delicious olive oil and high in Vitamin E. It has a high smoke point and fair taste, nothing nutty or sweet as I was anticipating so it's a nice neutral. Cook with it and give it a roll like I have been doing. Made from nothing, but tiger nuts people. Approximately $18.99 per 250 ml bottle.  #TigerNutOil

Tiger Nut Flour is Power :) Substitute it for any other grain flour or alternative and go town in that kitchen of yours! Appreciate it's unique flavor and properties. Or you can combine it with other gluten-free flours and see what combination is best such as a nice almond, millet or buckwheat flour, which are nutrient dense baking flours. Approximately $18.99 per 16 oz pouch. #TrustYourGut

Where To Buy @OurTrueRoots

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