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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rosi Loves GFGal's Gluten Free Breads!

Musician - Rosi Golan

Loving the breads so much by Chelsea (GFGal) I had to promote it as much as I could wherever possible....  I told my friend Rosi Golan, singer/songwriter, whom was traveling on her national tour through Denver about the flavored breads over this past week. Rosi being so wonderful as usual was telling me about her drive towards gluten-free living so I had the two meet.  Rosi was extremely humbled and grateful for the offering and was pleasantly surprised on how amazing these breads truly are. They are sweeping Colorado by storm with another double rainbow gluten-free style.

Rosi Golan's website
The GFGal's website

Monday, August 16, 2010

Found it! The Most Delicious GF Bread! Gluten-Free Product Review

Home bakers are the best gluten-free chefs, IMHO :) 

Here in Colorado we have so many beautiful rainbows and I just found what's at the end... It feels surreal to have incredibly tasting gluten-free breads like banana, cinnamon, sweet potato and blueberry back in my life from home baker, Chelsea Willis. Completely allergy friendly and not just gluten-free.... There's no corn, dairy, soy, refined sugar or nuts baked in Chelsea's (aka GF Gal) breads all from a designated gf Denver kitchen facility.