Monday, August 16, 2010

Found it! The Most Delicious GF Bread! Gluten-Free Product Review

Home bakers are the best gluten-free chefs, IMHO :) 

Here in Colorado we have so many beautiful rainbows and I just found what's at the end... It feels surreal to have incredibly tasting gluten-free breads like banana, cinnamon, sweet potato and blueberry back in my life from home baker, Chelsea Willis. Completely allergy friendly and not just gluten-free.... There's no corn, dairy, soy, refined sugar or nuts baked in Chelsea's (aka GF Gal) breads all from a designated gf Denver kitchen facility.

The GF Gal debuted her breads at the Pearl Street Market on Sundays in Denver, Colorado this summer. They are packaged in a neat tin foil baking dish with a ribbon. Classy yet simple which represents her earthy, creative small merchant vibe. I sampled the banana bread and its delicious, freshly baked aroma lasted until the last bite later in the week. You immediately can taste its moist presence and become aware that this is different than typical crumbly, flaky, tasteless gluten-free breads. Despite being entirely allergen free, there is more flavor in here than any regular flavored bread, says those who eat gluten! There is an elegant banana taste, it is soft, actually soft, and has an exquisite after taste that is natural and addicting! It's impossible to eat one slice, but that's OK you deserve more. She won't tell me her secret recipe, but lucky for you all she will ship it anywhere!

Chelsea (aka GF Gal) didn't have it easy growing up... she had major undiagnosed GI issues since the beginning of time growing up on goats milk and suffering from anxiety, eczema and other severe digestive disorders. Doctors diagnosed her with IBS which most know is a diagnosis that doesn't treat anything. Chelsea proved to be mentally capable to overcome her illness and over time found the light through a gluten-free diagnosis and removed other allergens to find balance. Her life changed, her smile changed and for 3 + years she's back on track feeling terrific. Her story is an an inspiration to many who have fought through GI hurdles. Please read more at her website found below.

Also, the GF Gal is happy to announce that her Sweet Potato and Cinnamon breads are now offered at the Bardo Coffee House in Denver.

Recommend breads to Celiac: 5 out of 5
Recommend breads to Allergen Friendly: 5 out of 5
Recommend breads to Anyone: 5 out of 5


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