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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Natural Products Expo East 2014 Blogger Favorites

It was an exciting few days in Baltimore assisting with the Natural Products Expo East We Blog Team. Led by the fantastic New Hope 360, a digital marketplace for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to connect healthy lifestyle industry news and people. Along with other bloggers, it was a remarkable opportunity for a group of committed people with same mutual interest of providing transparency and opportunity for all those committed to the natural foods mission.  See my top three favorites, Hampton Creek's Just Mayo, Suja Juice and Capellos or click below. 

4 food bloggers' favorite bites 

from Natural Products Expo East 2014

New Hope 360 Sep 30, 2014

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Expo East 2013 Organic Harvest Fest

Good Boy Organics Bops and Organicasaurus 

Urban Moonshine Bitters and tonics

Alter Eco Chocolate and quinoa

Le Pain Des Fleurs Buckwheat, chesnut and quinoa crispbread

I drove into Baltimore at noon today and it was 78 and sunny! I walked through the Baltimore Convention Center entrance and Expo East banners and sidewalk logos excited me, badges were hanging from necks, vendors were unloading and the chit chat was underway on the patio for Organic Harvest Fest. As I walked further into the light there was an unlimited sampling of organic and sustainable goodness and lots of laughing and smiles ear to ear. The buzz from educational workshops for those in the manufacturing and retail world were another sign of a solid day. My hunt for the most innovative gluten-free goodies had begun!

I began engaging with various vendors, distributors, brokers, marketers and I was specifically impressed with the ingredients used in many new products that I hadn't purchased before.  I gently probed into their gluten-free claims and almost all of them were certified gluten-free through GIG which was reassuring. Those who were not GF labeled had obtained other third party gluten-free claims under 20ppm or better, but hadn't launched revise package yet.  As our talks grew deeper they were each willing and able to share the depth of their raw materials and manufacturing practices to assure me they care about the true gluten-free consumer whom has Celiac Disease. My expectation for more natural food consumer packaged good (CPG) brands to label gluten-free appropriately showed promise.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Expo East Natural Food Show Launches September 25th

It's almost here... Expo East is at Baltimore Convention Center and all of the most innovative natural foods, beverages, and mobile apps will be here presenting their products and services with guest speakers beginning on September 25-28th.  If you haven't been here before or heard of the event, consider this reminder your lucky day...
What Is Expo East?
  • About 1,600 exhibitors will be on display at the largest trade show on the east coast!  The smallest and largest natural food and beverages, apps, health and beauty, marketers, chefs, media and customers all over the world will be checking it out. Also seek out key note speakers and other terrific speaking engagements with your registration type. If you live within 1-2 hours from Baltimore driving then it's ideal for you to take the step and register.  
Why Attend Expo East?
  • Because you care about the food business, your health and the manufacturing practices that are used in making better tasting, healthy and innovation for a better planet! If you care about natural foods, gluten-free, vegan, allergy friendly and/or green products, to name a few then check it and share with everyone you know that may be interested. If not, then keep eating unhealthy and miss out on what's trending in the real world.