Monday, September 23, 2013

Expo East Natural Food Show Launches September 25th

It's almost here... Expo East is at Baltimore Convention Center and all of the most innovative natural foods, beverages, and mobile apps will be here presenting their products and services with guest speakers beginning on September 25-28th.  If you haven't been here before or heard of the event, consider this reminder your lucky day...
What Is Expo East?
  • About 1,600 exhibitors will be on display at the largest trade show on the east coast!  The smallest and largest natural food and beverages, apps, health and beauty, marketers, chefs, media and customers all over the world will be checking it out. Also seek out key note speakers and other terrific speaking engagements with your registration type. If you live within 1-2 hours from Baltimore driving then it's ideal for you to take the step and register.  
Why Attend Expo East?
  • Because you care about the food business, your health and the manufacturing practices that are used in making better tasting, healthy and innovation for a better planet! If you care about natural foods, gluten-free, vegan, allergy friendly and/or green products, to name a few then check it and share with everyone you know that may be interested. If not, then keep eating unhealthy and miss out on what's trending in the real world.
What Happens At Expo East?
  • Attend industry wide speaking events starting on Wednesday. Taste and sample a variety of products that you can connect with and impact your health and beauty the following day. Take pix, video and be sure to tweet, mention @GlutenFreeG (that's me) to connect and check-in, post reviews with all types of new brands and get in touch with me to share more.
Who Can Register?
  • Expo East trade show is open to industry members of all types.  The vendor show floor opens on Thursday/Friday September 26th and 27th from 10-6pm and on Saturday September 28th from 10-4pm at Baltimore Convention Center. Are you a member of natural foods community, press, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, marketers, chefs and/or health professionals? Hurry, seek out your registration type here to learn more.
Are You A Gluten-Free Brand, Website Or App Attending Expo East? Let's chit chat at Expo East.
  • I'm seeking to sample and review the naturally gluten-free products and review labeling and manufacturing practices to share with the gluten-free community. If you also have a website or app or other services be sure to find me.  
  • Let's get in touch and meet at the show to get more acquainted. Contact me via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Email and let's talk how to get social with one another. 

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