Monday, December 7, 2009

The Best Kind Of Friends.

Friends look out for you. Friends make you laugh. Friends love you so much, but not all friends know exactly how to cook gluten free. Many of them feel that they do, and I know some of mine definitely do and always look out for me. However, Celiacs, cannot trust everyone. It's key to ask all of the questions you would when you go out to eat. Look over someone's kitchen and find out what they also were cooking and how they keep up with their kitchen. Sometimes baking food in the same oven can cause contamination or not washing the silverware carefully or keep in mind the toaster that your dad used earlier had a regular bagel so it must be scrubbed well. So at the end of the day here is the 2cents... clean utensils, pots and pans and surfaces very well and often and also friends if you want to look out for your gluten free friends take it serious, don't' risk contamination and don't get upset if a Celiac questions your baking etiquette and you'll get a big smile and a huge hug in return. Trust me.

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