Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Is The Beginning...

Just like many other fellow Americans, I have made some conscious efforts to plan 2009 resolutions. Some range from marathon training to growing watermelons in my summer garden.  Yes, man. We all think of them and most probably will attempt some of them, so don't lie that you have/will not.  But why gosh darn can't we stick to them when we all know that these resolutions tend to be character improvements and could be key to our personal future happiness and health? This blog will focus on a man and his gluten free life.... Concentrating on the food, the lifestyle, the mix and sharing the beauty in what is found.

As a diagnosed Celiac since 1997, I have promised to provide honest, open, fair feedback on all gluten-free, natural, non GMO and organic products that cross my path into our universe.

Please subscribe, comment and share. Live well, smart and happy being gluten-free.