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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How Much Salad Did You Eat In 2014?

Don't laugh, this is a legitimate question I have for you. Salad according to my definition, is six or more cold raw vegetables and accompanying healthy counterparts from the land or sea served in a bowl as an appetizer or a meal. It's intent is to fulfill via healthy natural, and organic measures and you should not only enjoy your salad, but celebrate socially each meal. 

When looking back 
did you have a salad 
every day, multiple times per day?

Eat A Smart Salad
I love salad soooooo much. It's a love affair of mine. I talk about it with my brother curiously wondering how much cabbage he ate recently, with my parents who raised me on a salad for every dinner meal, and I'm curious about other people's salads, too. I'm baffled by what's in them, why they choose certain ingredients and dressings and what their motivations are behind each bite. There are dozens of vegetables, fish, meats, poultry, fruits, nuts, some grains and legumes that make there way into my dream salads.  The salad concept here is that the world's melting pot should keep you on edge, always learning about food's place of origin, seasonal freshness and tantalizing your taste buds in suspense. 

Is Salad Making You Fat?
If you think eating salad is your answer to good health you're not even half correct. You can be creative with your salad, eat good veggies, but if it turns into a towering monster that's a sign it's tipping the iceberg of nutrition. If you eat too much high fat marinated meats, bacon, fried/breaded chicken, shredded cheeses, pastas, noodles, nuts, dried fruit, and even avocados and don't portion control you're over indulging. The white iceberg lettuce and common lettuce mixes must have dark leafy greens in there, for optimal nutrition. If you opted out of the creamy dressings, thats' good, but even too much oil and vinegar isn't helping yourself, you're going to give yourself hips that don't lie! 

Looking Forward, Looking Back
Here is my top salad based reflections looking forward into 2015. I will be taking these changes into account myself. In the Winter I become lazier and less motivated to work out and need a few reminders to get back on track...

  1. Always shop organic and never GMO (genetically modified organisms).
  2. Every day should have a salad meal and each meal have veggies. 
  3. Be active on your feet with a sweat 30-45+ minutes per day. 
  4. Drink more water with lemon and ginger.
  5. Drink green tea daily or various teas during morning and day.
  6. Create fantastic high protein and low sugar smoothies for breakfast even if you're not a body builder. Lean protein is essential to being well and fit. 
  7. Walk more and focus on less sitting while moving around each and every day. 
  8. Stop eating by 8pm - nothing healthy happens late at night!
  9. Laugh at yourself, with others and be sure each day you had a good laugh. 
  10. Overall, you should only be eating in calories, fats, and proteins, etc for what you're body is capable of utilizing to be great ... you gain weight if the calories aren't being burned off.