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Monday, January 19, 2015

Is wheat grass gluten-free or what?

Honestly, I don't find joy telling you or myself to NOT consume something. Life is short and do you really want to be sick and unhealthy your whole life? I don't take those risks. I take other life thrills like bungee jumping, running and hiking 14er mountains and challenging myself when snowboarding, or through regular work day adventures...

Monday, January 5, 2015

What's Your Meaning Of Gluten-Free?

Is this gluten-free?

This is a complicated yet easy question to analyze. Something either has gluten or it doesn't right?  However, we don't live in a homogenous style world... Not in the USA and not in any kitchen. Therefore people will believe what they choose and live how they decide that's best for their health, wealth and lifestyle, period. Regardless of someone's health symptoms, financials, and equality overall, each of us chooses to smile, laugh or frown, live in pain, we live in distress and sometimes we see things that we believe are correct, despite our body or others telling something different. We argue and we quarrel, but do we learn and change?  Most of the time, I would assume yes, but ask yourself this question? With that said, I ask you if you truly believe that you're living a gluten-free life or if you're just living your life by reducing some of this and some of that.

  • Do you have gluten in your house and use the same silverware, cutting boards & pots? 
  • Do you have a dishwasher and do you clean with a dedicated gluten-free sponge? 

Perhaps you believe that you feel better when you reduce some gluten or reduce wheat or dairy, but the truth is the never ending education on each is great, so have you invested in your ongoing food education?  Some admit they haven't, some believe they have, but I encourage you to keep reading, and opening yourself or others to learn about why and how you feel and challenge yourself, family and friends to be healthier by being gluten-free smarter.

Is this gluten-free?

Is this gluten-free?

Is this gluten-free?

Is this gluten-free?

FDA guides brands to declare gluten-free if products have been verified <20 ppm gluten contamination, and that's microscopic! However, this isn't enough as most Celiacs believe they react and show symptoms on a committed gluten-free lifestyle. Personally, I eat no gluten-free and the risks I must take I carefully monitor by body and get blood checks throughout the year to see if my body's gluten antibodies are active. There are other testing <10ppm and <5ppm and hopefully the FDA will lower their standards so that the entire community can change forward.  Who do you trust and where do you find resources? The truth is it's impossible to know if  anything is gluten-free because the farm, processing, packaging, fulfillment and handling supply chain contaminate everything. It's true.  Therefore, eating legit farm fresh, home grown and made is your best way of living the way humans did before processed and packaged goods. Truth is the truth.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Truth Behind The Gluten Free Trend

Gluten today is not the gluten from our ancient ancestors. It's common sense that we live in a different world and the environment and sciences have changed. Humans have done a lot of "stuff" to this place. The entire food supply, soil, animal grazing (or lack thereof), insects are dying, weather adjustments and science monsters who created GMOs (Monsanto) have altered the entire planet. 

"People Treat Their Mouths
Like Garbage Cans"

Sunday, December 7, 2014

V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine Product Review

Wine For Anytime, Anywhere 

Introducing V/NO 
Alcohol Removed Napa Wine

Just like you, I couldn't believe what I was reading at first. I was intrigued by V/NOs unique logo, taking on the word vino, but with a slash through it.  What could alcohol removed wine taste like? Would it be taste-less, good, or great? Is it expensive? And most importantly is it going to be gluten-free? So I contacted V/NO company and decided to put their product to the test through my new favorite EZ Gluten Test Kit from Elisa Technologies.  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Save Money on Gluten-Free Food

Find More Local Stores

Since gluten-free products tend to cost higher than traditional food (cheap mass produced food) you'll need to shop around to protect your wallet. This may be annoying at first, but you should first look for large grocery chains that may just be a few extra miles away, in addition to the many local health food stores that are in existence because they know something you don't! Get to know these people and ask them questions. Talk, learn, share and try new things.

Food Education The Mainstream Won't Teach

Now that you're avoiding gluten (amino acid/protein) that is found in wheat, barely, rye, malts, etc it's time to learn more about improving your health today and long term. A gluten education is the stepping stone to learning about the corrupted food supply domestically, worldwide and about nutrition. First, gluten is typically found in everything (because wheat is a mass produced cheap ingredient used to fill various types of products) or gluten-free food is contaminated in the manufacturing process (cheap and dirty) because chefs, line staff don't separate and clean equipment and now you need to be smarter. 

It's now important to avoid GMOs, genetically modified organisms, as they're found in more than 70% of the traditional grocery store fresh and packaged foods. GMOs are un-proven, un-tested and believed to be dangerous because they're not actual food, in fact, the seeds are labeled by the FDA first as toxins. How? The DNA of GMOs are entirely made in a laboratory to help them resist insects (a natural predator in the world) and yield more harvest, and that's unproven, while killing too many insects, like bees, and people along with damaging the eco-system because pesticides are over used since the GMO crop can resist the pesticides and prosper. And it's a business, Monsanto, a tech company has patented the seed (life) resulting in horrid business politics of big business and small - large farmers. Its' a mess and it's a heavy corrupted lobbying practice in rich America that you can personallly void with a food education... We 100% recommend that you avoid GMOs and avoid gluten to maximize a legitimate and credible natural and healthy life like our ancestors prospered just fine.

Don't Replace Comfort Foods

Your first step is to finding smarter and healthier real food is to avoid your comfort alternatives such as the pretzels, chips and easy microwavable alternatives.  That would be the opposite of what you should be doing. Focus on organic and nonGMO fruits, vegetables, wild fish, hormone and antibiotic-free meat and poultry, because the mass produced packaged food industry typically have less nutrients and is not healthy or sustainable and now you're in control of living longer and healthier, so minimize the easy alternatives and start cooking, slicing, dicing, baking and sauteing, real nonGMO and organic food. You are given a second chance so don't let what you thought you knew was good, safe, or comfortable get in your way of the new tasty and healthy options ahead to re-train yourself, that's what I did.

Donate Your Microwave

Get rid of it, seriously. There is nothing smart or healthy about putting your food or liquids in a box, pressing a few buttons and it comes out 'ready to eat' unless you have to! The would be fine for an astronaut, if the world ended and you had no choice, or if someone put a gun to your head and said to do it. Eat real, living, raw foods first and slice, dice, cook and bake them like real people have done for thousands of years. Using a microwave everyday is lazy and I highly recommend that you stop. If you can't stop, I'm mad at you, then at least commit to using it only 1x per month or less because planning ahead is part of real challenges in life. Easy to heat and cook foods typically lack nutrition, too.

Don't Pay More For Gluten-Free Products

Research food price, just like the smart shoppers! And don't pay for a crappy product marked up with a gluten-free label. Buy legit natural and credible products from brands you can trust and found in health food stores. They go on sale sometimes or just have legit quality ingredients that you can pronounce and have the certifications on the labels to feel good paying for. Healthier products are worth trying and then you can learn more about how to find them at the best price. Don't be enticed by some mainstream brand with a gluten-free label, that's the easy and dangerous solution, go with a brand that has proven to you their all about health alternatives, not just a band-aid gluten-free text on the bottle.

Plan Ahead, Not Just For Tomorrow

In order to be smarter and healthier, you'll need to plan for what you do today, tomorrow and the next day, just like everyone else. However, now you're not like common people, you have a second chance to gain health and make improvements long term in your life. Have ample fresh organic and nonGMO fruits and vegetables, nuts, etc that you can have handy for when you are on the go. Cook enough left overs for more than the same day and plan ahead to cook, and clean as you should be making food fresh, just like everyone else who is committed to being smarter and healthier. 

When Gluten-Free Doesn't = Gluten-Free Safe

In today's society, gluten is one of many ingredients that contaminate the food supply because it's a cheap filler. It's added to almost everything. Therefore, when you see a gluten-free label you can't trust it unless there is a certification label or they provide transparency into their verification process they do themselves regularly to ensure it's safe. The truth is food often has insects, urine, dead rats and traces of stuff in them and brands are not forced to label that unless someone catches them or if there is a high enough traces if they're tested and somebody catches them! I'm saying, mo money mo problems, in the food industry, got it? The food supply my friends, is a bit wild! FDA passed a gluten-free guidelines in August 2014 about testing <20 ppm for all labeled gluten-free products, but there still is no official policing, except the people :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Healthiest Lifestyle On The Planet Excludes Gluten

Almost 18 years ago, I was forced to convert to the mysterious gluten-free diet with my Celiac Disease diagnosis. Nobody in my family or friends had ever even heard of what the heck gluten was and yet my current and long term health was now dependent on avoiding gluten without medication. It wasn't a nightmare though, because the more I read and learned, I realized that gluten was found in all of the the foods that I ate that were unhealthy, addicting and affected my sports aspirations and everyday health. Gluten-free food is sprouting, harvesting, swimming and grazing all around you... not found in a box.

Avoiding Medication Is Amazing!

There is no cure or Rx treatment for Celiac Disease. That may be scary to most people, but hallelujah for others!  Are you saying that I can treat myself and prosper by avoiding gluten, a grain found in certain grains that are commonly associated with obesity, food addictions and not be dependent on taking pills?  Amaaaaaazing! It is more complicated than that for me and others, but critics will tell you that eating breads, pasta, pastries and various other common wheat based products are perfectly fine. However, I think anyone with common sense will tell you that eating in moderation is fairly okay, but when you realize that avoiding gluten and wheat based products have show significant improvements in gut and brain health then perhaps you should make your own opinions about what's good and bad for you. When people diet they cut out the sweets and snacks, and those are mostly made from gluten and high sugars. The main stream media and the uneducated public will always believe alternative lifestyles are crazy, stupid or fads, because someone is always affected, such as wheat farming industry, and other culinary based gluten industries. Do you realize that most cultures in the world already adhere to a near gluten-free diet but tend to include cultural breads and pastries? Let's look at the low fat diets that had way too much sugar or calories in the products and were merely fads. For gluten-free living, there is no fad here, and there is no drugs necessary, just requires an honest education and will power to change bad American eating habits.

Obtaining A Food Education 
Saved My Life

I was tired of eating the same gluten-free foods everyday and knew that something better was out there than a basic salad, plain chicken, potatoes and the occasional gluten-free sweets. However, I didn't know what to do or where to find the unknown ahead. I went to farmers markets, read cooking books and and watched chef TV shows, attended lectures on gluten-free health, and asked family members questions who were wise, like my brother, a former organic farmer.  Gluten-Free diet has taught me about all of the amazing leafy green vegetables, alternative grains that have more protein, shopping for more diverse fruits, trying new things like making kombucha and nut/coconut milks, new spices and tasting new meat and fish products.  For the critics that tell you gluten-free dieting is unhealthy or dangerous if you don't have Celiac Disease, they are protecting themselves or hiding something. Yes. Everything I Just mentioned above is gluten-free unless it's contaminated in the farm, manufacturing kitchen, your own kitchen, or a restaurant kitchen with gluten because gluten is littered in the eco-system! Our Paleo ancestors and recent family survived for thousands of years on the countless yet basic options in the world with or without grains like gluten. So ask yourself, how are the thousands of food options that are legitimately natural, diverse in nutrients and minerals, unhealthy for those who are attempting a gluten-free diet without Celiac Disease? Simply it's not and it's a very healthy lifestyle if you gather a well-rounded food education that we rarely receive in an American family home and don't get in schooling.  American food is typically fast food, unhealthy coffee chains, hot dogs, burgers, chips and soda. How many of these are you consuming per week, per day? I plan ahead by bringing snacks like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetable with me to work, on the train traveling, in the car, always having re-usable water bottles and other tasty and nutritious packaged treats that I use only when being active and exercising on the go, so that I don't subdue to impulsive 'cravings'.

Gluten Free Packaged Goods 
Only In Moderation

Gluten-Free products at Wholefoods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Natural Grocers and found at Walmart, Albertsons, Target and Safeway may be growing by the day and tastier than ever before, but are not actually good for your body and mind. The kid in all of us crave chocolate, bagels, easy dinners, pretzels and snacks, and we are so ecstatic to find a gluten-free option that is NonGMO, Organic, and we buy it at high cost and eat those food replacements as they're easy and don't require any cooking, just like me. As a newly diagnosed Celiac, or another auto-immune Disease, child who is just being a child, or the average converter to lose weight, must realize that these replacement options have very limited nutrition in them because they're processed, and you're not adhering to the gluten-free lifestyle correctly by choosing real food first. Gluten-free foods may be easing your Celiac Disease or other health and behavior needs, but you're not going to be long-term healthy and happy until you develop a holistic, full education on health and nutrition which starts with learning how to cook and why GMOs and other foods are may be dangerous for you. You don't have to replace anything from your former life, you should create new food from real natural ingredients and enjoy this second chance at living well with your family and friends. However, I have seen many new nutrient dense products with alternative grains, seeds, nuts, veggies and removed unecessary sugars, fats and carbs appearing in the market and that's a great sign ahead! It's fun to learn, it's invogorating to try new foods solo or with others (and you can share them on Instagram or a blog) and being in tune with  how your gut and mental health will save your life.

Listen & Look Carefully At Your Body Signals

Don't get grossed out by the body noises, appearance and scents that you create. They dictate your health and often guide you for change and treatment. Your bowel movements, stomach/gut and brain are not lying to you... The proof is is right there as you analyze yourself. Get more comfortable with what's happening inside and out and discuss concerns with family, friends or someone who may be able to connect with you and go to a doctor that is right for your needs. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FDA Gluten-Free Guidelines Arise

As an old friend once said, "knowing is half the battle." These FDA gluten-free guidelines are not a law yet, but they're a step forward to deter the corruption in the gluten-free community from those who don't take it serious or are ignorant. And it's a mess! This is to educate owners, entrepreneurs, chefs, cooks, general managers, waiters, brands, marketers, retailers, brokers, neighbors and shoppers about the seriousness of gluten related cross contamination as a health concern that gluten is a damaging protein found in food grains that cause people to get very ill. The FDA has put together a guideline for how to label and prepare gluten-free in the USA which is behind many countries progression. Remember, despite it's many faults, shortcomings such as testing for <20 ppm levels vs testing for lower quantities, it's a good step into the right place and I am happy it's officially in the books. Take notes and learn more about the gluten-free lifestyle form @GlutenFreeG...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trader Joe's Forced To Change Gluten Labeling

Knock Knock

Who's There?

Trader Joe's 

  Trader Joe's Who?

Leadership Woes

For many years Trader Joe's have claimed to be at the forefront of gluten labeling. But we all know that's a joke because their labeling is the laughing stock of the gluten-free industry. Why? They have been labeling g+ products for years that albeit may have no gluten ingredients, but admit these products are strongly believed to have all sorts of cross contamination concerns and tell shoppers on a strict gluten free lifestyle to avoid them! Hmm, that's a mixed message, isn't it?! That makes no sense Trader Joe's team.  In reality, this signifies that gluten-free food is being polluted with other gluten containing foods from either supplier, manufacturer or preparation, but their staff has been promoting is as a legitimate gluten-free product in the marketplace and Trader Joe's doesn't seem to care.  The heart wrench is that those innocent people with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, and a variety of lifestyles that find gluten to be damaging to their health have been lied to.  This is a big deal and their lack of respect below could be interpreted that they don't care. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 Gluten-Free Misconceptions

False Gluten-Free Statements From Actual People

  1. Cross contamination only effects people with Celiac Disease
  2. I eat Gluten-Free by only avoiding bread, pasta and pastries
  3. Eating at family or friends kitchens is not a big deal
  4. Most restaurant have a safe Gluten-Free menu
  5. Eating gluten once in a while is okay
  6. Gluten-Free labels are trustworthy
  7. Gluten-Free Will Cure Everything
  8. Corn chips are Gluten-free
  9. All wine is Gluten-free
  10. Healthy = Gluten-free

Why are these false and why are these dangerous you may ask? Simply because you can't say anything you want about anything without proving it. Don't we learn this as kids? Gluten-Free signifies that all inherent ingredients, manufacturing and preparation areas are all gluten-free and verified to be <20 ppm or much less of gluten contamination per FDA (and common sense). Most products in the world are "contaminated" on some level by other foods, it happens, by machines, people, or accidentally so you cannot trust everything until proven safe, and that goes for everyone, not just someone with Celiac Disease. 

In our society, restaurants and brands have been doing whatever they want with very little regulation. Consumers trust professionals, but it's their own fault to have been doing so. Are these professionals naive or are they simply lying to make profits effecting innocent people's health? We can't let this happen we all need to stand up for health safety. Good thing is that finally those opinions are starting to change! The FDA gluten-free guidelines go in effect in August 2014 and we'll all be watching closely  to see if brands and restaurants make changes to their existing offerings. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I feel ill and don't know why

Does that sound familiar? Well, it's been happening to me.  For the past few weeks I haven't been "regular" and although I follow a very strict gluten-free diet, sometimes sh** happens I am afraid of. I trust brands and I take low calculated risks at family and friends homes and occasionally a restaurant I trust.  Although my symptoms are classic Celiac Disease, I believe it's out of my control and need to explore an east coast specialist for analysis to see where/what is wrong with me.

I eat solid foods, smoothies, nuts almost no dairy, no corn, no shellfish, meats, veggies and fruit, what could be so bad about that, haha.  This hasn't happened to me in a verrrrrry long time, but I remain optimistic.  Life is good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dear FDA Gluten-Free Guidelines,

We can be happy and healthy if we avoid gluten free cross contamination risks.
Thank you for the steps ahead for gluten-free guidelines as the entire gluten-free community does appreciate your efforts, but there is still way too much confusion out there since there was no major public announcement to educate the good people of the world. Why not?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trader Joe's Is Committed To FDA Gluten-Free Claims But There Are Risks

Hey, Trader Joe's, WTF?

As a leader in the "natural" grocery world, what's the deal Trader Joe's?

I've called, emailed, tweeted and spoke to store manager/s and asked them the same question... I'm so confused with all of your random g and gluten free labels that I don't know whom/what to trust. Why are you flip flopping and sort of kinda encouraging the gluten-free fad diet movement after all of the health movements showing gluten is a real concern? Therefore, I asked them, "Do you test your gluten-free products to verify your gluten-free claims on your labels?" The answer has been in the recent months, "yes and no"...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

List Your Top 10 Food Ingredients

These foods should be what you shop for regularly and are found in your refrigerator or in your kitchen table. Utilizing your top 10 ingredients to make simple and complex meals enable you to be sure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day. Since it was nearly impossible to only list 10 I put a few substitutes that I put in my rotation... If you can't make your own list today, look at mine and see how yours may compare and figure out ways in which you can learn more about gathering these foods by planting vegetables seasonally or trading with neighbors and friends! Also, notice the foods that are NOT included.

My Top 10 Daily Foods (In no particular order)

  1. cabbage 
  2. onions
  3. tomatoes
  4. quinoa or buckwheat
  5. kale or spinach
  6. nuts (peanuts or almonds) and peanut butter
  7. eggs
  8. chicken or fish
  9. grapefruit or orange
  10. green tea

Could I Grow or Gather Food? (If you have land, grow food not grass)

  1. vegetables (Seasonally yes you can or buy organic local)
  2. nut butter (yes but you need to likely buy nuts and kitchen blender components) 
  3. quinoa or buckwheat (likely need to buy unless you have a sizable land)
  4. Chicken (Call you state or local zoning department to build a chicken coop!) 
  5. grapefruit or orange (Unless you live in a very warm year round client, you buy)
  6. green tea (Most tea requires a warm winter climate so you need to buy)

Gluten Cross Contamination

Based on the short list above I can eat dozens of raw and cooked meals. Some of my favorite are salads and soups which never get tiring when you get creative. There also isn't any gluten in those very common foods except from the #1 killer - cross contamination. Yes. It's gluten cross contamination that is found in farms, manufacturing and production facility as well as every day in restaurant kitchens that harm innocent people. The safest foods above are farm fresh organic vegetables, but everything else including green tea, can have gluten contamination in the glue to seal the tea bag or from a facility. It's a sad truth and a likely culprit for those random days when you "thought" you ate gluten-free, but still got very ill.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Subway Ingredient Also Found In Yoga Mats: Azodicarbonamide

Do not eat here!

Thanks to Food Babe's article, millions of USA consumers are now aware that their favorite fast food gluten based bread products use an all-american common unpronounceable ingredient that is banned in most of the world, 

What the Heck is "Azodicarbonamide"


Azodicarbonamid is commonly used as a flour bleaching agent in common gluten and dough conditioners according to the the FDA. It's also the same ingredient used in yoga mats, shoe soles, floor mats, and window gaskets.  It's linked to asthma and other possible allergies for works involved in plants... Further, those who work with this ingredient wear masks far more urgently than just to protect their face, but to protect their entire health! Who at the FDA approved this and why is the FDA to be trusted after yet another ridiculous global issue?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Antibacterial Soap Reported By FDA As "Dangerous"

Okay here I go, STOP using antibacterial soaps, seriously. Go with all-natural soaps that are just as good if not better for you, your family, and the environment as the ingredient, triclosan (sounds lovely doesn't it) in these products are finally publically reportedly very bad.

Thanks to the FDA (who approves anything if you pay them) announcement to the mainstream, we're now at risk if we use anti-bacterial soaps. Almost every corporation and home in the USA, perhaps in the world, maybe at some point, used a product with triclosan, the chemical found in all anti-bacterial soaps. It's a claim that says very clearly that you're cleaning yourself to remove possible bacteria from your face, body, hands, etc which in theory is good, but actually with deeper analysis is not good at all.  What confuses me the most is this claim has been in the market for a VERY long time without research and studies in the mainstream to educate, typical actually, since the FDA is very late to the party very often. Is it their fault or someone else's about this late breaking finding?