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V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine Product Review

Wine For Anytime, Anywhere 

Introducing V/NO 
Alcohol Removed Napa Wine

Just like you, I couldn't believe what I was reading at first. I was intrigued by V/NOs unique logo, taking on the word vino, but with a slash through it.  What could alcohol removed wine taste like? Would it be taste-less, good, or great? Is it expensive? And most importantly is it going to be gluten-free? So I contacted V/NO company and decided to put their product to the test through my new favorite EZ Gluten Test Kit from Elisa Technologies.  

I kid you not that V/NO red wine was great and I was pleasantly surprised that it would have a nice light flavor dry and semi acidic. It's not going to taste just like wine, but it's fairly close. As someone who enjoys wine and liquor socially,  I would certainly drink this as an alternate to when I'm the designated driver or just for a tasty beverage at lunch time, or to simply share it with friends at a party or holiday dinner for people who are striving for a social non-alcoholic cocktail. It's Napa wine after all!  The packaging was uniquely created to include a flute for on the go pouring. Simply  unscrew the top and flip the plastic flute right side up and pour. To close it again you screw it back on top. 

  Is V/NO Non Alcoholic Wine Like Other Wine?

     Traditional Wine Making: Napa grapes are crushed, fermented & aged in stainless steal.

     Reverse Osmosis:

    • Water and alcohol are removed through a unique filtration process. 
    • These ingredients are distilled to separate the elements. 
    • Water is recombined with color, flavor and tannins to the original wine.
     Bottling: Just prior to bottling, alcohol is cold filtrated leaving less than 0.5% alcohol content. 

Is V/NO Gluten-Free?

Since red wine is my favorite, I started pursuing this instead of the rose and white wine options. After looking into the ingredients, which seemed all naturally gluten-free, I called their company. Their team had not gone through any 3rd party gluten verifications nor did claim it gluten-free at this juncture so I looked into it myself. I found the Gluten-Free Elisa Test <10 ppm home kit that are available for purchase online. I followed the simple instructions to sample product, add to a test tube, and apply the strip to test the product and it was indeed clearly negative for gluten cross contamination!

Is It Healthy?

  • About 1/2 the calories and 1/3 sugar of traditional wine
  • No added sugars or chemicals
  • Less than 0.5% alcohol per serving (Per the FDA, less than 0.5% is determined as a non-alcoholic product)
  • Powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols and natural resveratrol.

Note: I hope V/NO wine for anytime, will conduct their own 3rd party gluten verification as they grow as it seems like a smart decision.  I did not test their other products yet (rose or white wine) but I am considering it. 

Where To Buy
V/NO is available at select NYC retail locations (health food stores, groceries, fine wine shops and restaurants), but mostly V/NO is available online shipping directly to your home. You can by them today for your pre-holiday parties giving yourself and others an option of being social and having fun without the alcohol. They sell individually or in bulk and I bought the red wine since that's what I tested for gluten and have had no health issues. Contains Sulfites. Serve cold. 

  • $2.99 each (187ml)
  • $29.99 / 12 pack

Gluten Free G Approved 

Celiac Disease: 4 out of 5   (Needs more consistent testing)
Gluten Intolerant: 4 out of 5   
Everybody Else: 5 out of 5 
All Events & Parties: 5 out 5

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