Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grow Your Own Food - Super Simple Gardening Tips

The Spring Weather has definitely arrived and that early morning freeze has officially subsided in greater NJ/NYC/Philadelphia area. It's the time to rock out with my green thumb and plant some of my favorite greens right away this week. Although I'm not an expert gardener and haven't been able to garden in recent years, I have a few gardening tips that anyone, anywhere can implement to grow your own food. Starting with arugula, red leaf lettuce, spinach, kale and parsley! 

I strongly believe that every human being on the Earth should know the basics of gardening to be able to survive and thrive if they have property or simply pots to grow veggies and herbs. Why? Because it only takes a little bit of work and a lotta love.  For some reason in America, having a garden is strange vs having a big green lawn of grass. I find that stranger.  Grocery and supermarkets make it all too convenient to buy everything. Well, last time I checked money doesn't grow on trees/bushes but food does :)  You could drastically reduce your produce bill, learn great skills and get a work out, spend more time with family and friends, while managing a garden and creating a routine for cleaner and healthier living. 

These are the ABCs of gardening to encourage everyone and their mother to get their garden growing TODAY. It's a perfect day to start planting. Speak to your local garden nursery about seasonal vegetables and natural/organic planting tools and tips. All you need is determination and a few hours, with some regular maintenance and you'll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in a matter of weeks. 

Step 1: Identify a place of land or community garden. Or where can you find enough sun at your home or apartment outdoors to put some garden pots! Identify the shape and weed like crazy. This may be common sense, but a weeded garden is a happier and healthier garden.  It's not glamorous work, but less weeds, less issues and prettier! 

Step 2: Turn the soil with a shovel and supplement with organic soil from your local nursery. Level the soil but keep aware of the erosion and draining of water to avoid puddling in your garden bed. 

Step 3: Lay down organic weed block. It's imperative to protect the soil from extra weeds while maintaining water and temperature for your veggies and herbs. Lay one layer or two pending your weed block to deter weeds and keep holes open for seeding or transplanting vegetables.  

Step 4:  Water like crazy. Saturate the veggies on a warm day and be sure draining and erosion isn't affecting the garden beds. Use common sense to water regularly while the weather is warm and sunny. If it rains, don't water that day. Early on water at least one time per day and if it's super hot check in on your garden morning and night. Avoid watering in the middle of the hot day. 

Step 5: Maintain the garden growth with weeding, soil raking and cleaning up from erosion, watering daily when possible and harvesting regularly according to your veggie output. 

The best part of gardening is that every single fruit and vegetable in the world is gluten-free. Hallelujah! Yes, that's a fact. Just be careful of cross contaminated or added gluten found in straw and hay from farms with wheat or oats.  Also some gluten is found in fertilizers and poor quality weed block, gluten pesticide or weed deterrents, etc. Keep your garden legit all-natural and gluten-free or something is very wrong.  

No joke, it's that easy. Determination and commitment will take you far in this world and gardening isn't any different than a regular job. It's way more fun, too :) Do you garden, let us know your tips and tricks to share specifics on how you find success planting this year... Good luck!

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