Monday, December 14, 2015

Everbest Bakery and Pastry Shoppe Gluten Free Fail


Interesting photo to asses here. Why? We have a traditional bakery and a uniquely dedicated gluten free retail store, side by side, in East Northport, Long Island. Although it may be difficult to see from a distance, on the right is the "Strictly Gluten Free" retailer and "Everbest Bakery & Pastry Shoppe" (couldn't find their website) on the left. Yet these opposite businesses are both promising gluten free products. Hmm mm m, this is going to end bad unfortunately for one of them, can you guess who? 

Look below at the Everbest Bakery and Pastry Shoppe sign on the window promoting "Fresh Baked Gluten Free Cakes." How intriguing, one would think that a traditional bakery would possibly serve a legit gluten free option? Hmm. Then I saw in the right corner a white piece of paper with a disclaimer! As if this wasn't a stupid act alone, they clearly are not educated enough to consult with a neighbor/expert (Strictly Gluten Free store) because this is an obvious gluten free fail. 

Shame on you Everbest Bakery and Pastry Shoppe - Advertising That You Sell Gluten Free Cakes That Are Made In A Gluten Filled Bakery Putting Innocent Shoppers At A Health Risk.
Everbest Bakery and Pastry Shoppe Gluten Free Disclaimer - Shame on you!


Are Many Food Service Chefs & Bakers Uneducated, Naive or Ignorant Like Everbest Bakery?

Too many! Just ask your local restaurant if they are willing to make "gluten free food" in their kitchen yet see if they serve it or not at your risk. These establishments are willing to take on the risk to serve you contaminated gluten filled food, because they state a disclaimer, and many of you say yes. Why?

Gluten Free consumers, it has happened again... An uneducated chef, baker, management and owner have been found guilty of making a terrible conscious decision to provide contaminated gluten free food in a very gluten filled kitchen, a place people shop for traditional baking and pastry goods. Is this merely idiotic, aggressive or even on purpose, I was asking myself in confusion. Not everyone is this dumb, but this keeps happening in the gluten free category. These money hungry selfish business owners want gluten free business profits at the cost of people's health, and that's not right.  

Can We Shutdown Dangerous Establishments Like Everbest Bakery?

We must do something by saying something or these businesses will continue to harm innocent people's health. Per the above disclaimer, I asked myself, who are your gluten-free products for if not for gluten free consumers? There is no such thing as kind of gluten free or limited gluten free. The idiotic sign above is not a joke though. Everbest Bakery owner actually believes that making food with less gluten or a few changes in the recipe are now gluten-free as long as they put a disclaimer sign. The FDA gluten free guideline is to be sure products are to be testing <20 ppm for gluten, did they? Therefore, how can a pastry made with gluten free flour in a traditional bakery made in the same counter top, tools, hands and oven be anywhere safe for anyone gluten free (despite their gluten free health)? How can we shut this business down? Who has that power? And if they're doing such unhealthy, unsafe gluten free failures what else is going on there that could affect people's lives in a negative way? Call your local county clerk or mayor's office and ask to make a claim. 

Its important for you to say, No! And tell them why it's not safe to serve gluten contaminated food as their food would never be gluten-free by definition. It's very contaminated!


Gluten Free Fail by Everbest Bakery in Long Island

I noticed this during a periodic journey to one of the safest and trusted gluten free establishments in the world, Strictly Gluten Free.  I stumbled upon a terrible sign in a window. Yes. A gluten-free sign, hand made, yet incorrectly and unsafely promising to the public gluten-free options, with a tiny white paper disclaimer saying gluten-free food options are not for everyone! Haha. It seems like either a moron or an idiot works at this company and I feel horrible saying that, but it's true. Do they also offer peanut-free products that contain peanuts also?  How can an owner, chef, bakery be so ignorant, naive or stupid to promise a food that is low in gluten and put a sign up for gluten-free? 

Shame on you Everbest Bakery and Pastry Shoppe


Gluten Free Education

Most business owners have legal council not too far away. Despite lawyers charging an expensive fee it's wise to consult those with food allergies, gluten related illnesses and/or a lawyer for issues related to your business, such as health and food claims. Or perhaps consult a neighbor who may be able to offer gluten free advice, such as Strictly Gluten Free! But why do some owners like those at the Everest Bakery and Pastry Shopped in East Northport, Long Island fail to acknowledge health issues, such as gluten-free, that the FDA have put forth? Disclaimers are for uneducated or for strict legal claims, aren't they? Therefore Everest Bakery in East Northport Long Island, doesn't want legal responsibility for getting you sick, but will accept your money and watch you take a risk in-front of them because they put up a disclaimer! This is disgusting behavior that we are all stuck with. 

Let's hope to learn from this mistake, as it was a terrible and dangerous health concern that people need to face.

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