Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Green Fair NJ on October 3rd 2015

Introducing the 6th Annual Green Fair in Monroe Township, NJ. This year the "Green Fair" is more personal than ever to include local, regional and national contributions to the community.  

I will be a vendor! Yours truly, Real GlutenFreeG will be set-up as an educational vendor to provide insights and learnings on properly following a gluten free lifestyle and sharing natural food lifestyle recommendations. Since we're all very different people with varied food choices, and health levels, it's important that we're all aware of our resources to eat healthy despite our current gluten free diagnosis. 



What Is The Definition of Gluten-Free?

The definition of gluten free is not being followed by the FDA. Just because someone chooses to eat a "reduced gluten free diet" it doesn't signify they can consume the same food as someone with Celiac Disease, an auto-immune disease that is credited with the gluten free lifestyle. Therefore, the definition of "gluten free" is messy and still improper and this could be a challenge for some relying on trusting that phrase. Why? Because cross contamination exists in our entire food supply and in the kitchen, everywhere food can be found. Traces and particles of food can get many people ill so we all need to educate each other. Together, let's be sure we're all learning about food ingredients, USA food supply, GMOs and what is and cannot be fully trusted when it comes to gluten free labeling.

Saturday — Oct. 3, 2015 

10 a.m. — 3 p.m. 

Oak Tree School 

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