Monday, February 16, 2015

SoapBox Soap Gluten Free Product Review

Welcome to SoapBox Soap, where each purchase benefits someone else in need. Soapbox Soap has a true mission to give back and provide hope to someone who very much needs the improved hygiene or nutrition that sometimes people take for granted (just saying).  Yes. The SoapBox team will make a donation for every product sold. They have helped people all the way in four continents, such as Haiti, Ecuador, Honduras, Canada, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, India, South Africa, Zambia and even in the backyards of USA.   They provide soap locally to families at homeless and women's shelters along with nursing homes in America. It's empowering that they can aid 3,000 children's lives every day by simply providing a bar of soap, clean water and vitamin supplements to people in need for every bar that WE purchase.  

I have seen SoapBox soaps many times at various trade shows and their team is always friendly, fun, bright and willing to speak to people to help put their product in your hands. Once you see it, touch it and smell it, you'll realize it's something special. It's a terrific product that stands out as a superior brand with products that more of us should utilize for our families. This is why it's a perfect gift of hygiene with a super story!  It's likely that you may be buying one of the top 10 brands on the market. Although you're comfortable with that, it may not even be gluten-free and is likely made form harmful ingredients, tested on animals, contains parabens and/or unsafe bleaches. As a diagnosed Celiac, it's very important that you use topical products that are gluten-free even when risks of topical ingredients crossing into the blood are rare. It's best to commit forward to a brand like SoapBox soap who cares about you and the world, not only profits, while other big brands may be focussed primarily on profit, and not being humanitarians.

The SoapBox Black Soap natural products have an extraordinary aroma. Even before you open the soap it smells noticeably delightful. When I opened the box I realized it was coming from the bar on the right. This particular package included a bar of black soap, hand soap and body wash with a pamphlet that helped me further understand how they are unique, donating profits and providing 'hope' to those who really need help in this world locally and internationally. Soapbox soaps lather nicely and come in these attractive packages. So... I'm now committed to buying them again and again online!


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