Thursday, October 10, 2013

Food Films That Every Human Being Should Watch

Ever year or two there comes an amazing film that sheds light into the food and beverage industry. It's usually a grass roots, film documentary that never makes the big screen where current blockbuster war, love and action films take over. That's why you need to see these, share these and take a step somewhere if you support or deny the messages that are built into the backbone of these powerful films.   

A recent film that was not included in this list was GMO OMG that just debut last month and needs support in your city. Check out GMO OMG website and learn all about the GMO, Monsanto and FDA play in this deep analysis by Jeremy Seifert. I saw this debut at EXPO EAST natural food and beverage trade show in Baltimore in September. Jeremy joined in for a Q/A afterwards.

Now view the full list of 26 other must watch food films to date here compliments of Food Tank and plan your next 30 days of powerful, emotional and a bit scary truths.

1) A Farmer In Africa
2) A Place At The Table
3) Cooking By Heart
4) Fast Food
5) Food Chains
6) Food Fight
7) Food Speculation
8) Forks Over Knives
9) Fresh The Movie
10) The Hidden Cost Of Hamburgers

See Food Tank's full list here.

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