Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Non-GMO Food Regulation Is Coming (Watch Two Videos)

Top 10 GMO foods found in USA food supply
Cotton, tomatoes, papaya, rice, potatoes, 
corn, soy, milk, canola oil, aspartame
(Source: How Stuff Works)

Chooo Chooo! The non-GMO (genetically modified organism) regulation train is approaching as more and more states have passed legislation demanding the government to label our food supply properly and stop hiding in the dark. Clearly awareness and change is underway! The benefits and risks of GMO based crops are in debate and as consumers we should know what foods contain these GMOs when shopping and why there hasn't been lengthy research done and research by independent studies whatsoever. Since nearly all of our grocery food is from a GMO ingredient we're all stuck without choice... keyword being choice. Let's demand more transparency AND objective 3rd party analysis of GMO sciences. 

Watch the debate as Rachel Parent, a 14 year old passionate natural food non GMO enthusiast, holds her ground and more against ABC TVShark Tank's entrepreneur Kevin O'Leary on the benefits vs. risks of our world's GMO food supply. 

Watch the interview from Food Navigator here and make your own decision to support various non-GMO organizations going on all over USA and world. 

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