Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fast Food Protests In NYC Underway!

It's been the talk of NYC (and up to 50 cities) over the past few days that fast food staff are demanding higher living wages. Some staff reported to ask for about $15/hour.  Other reports say a McDonald's staff claimed that they work harder than billionaires! I'm not so sure about that, but I do believe that minimum wage is very low for people to prosper, save and climb up the corporate ladder. Google shows there at least 250 McDonalds in NYC's five boroughs alone and we can guess that each store likely has fifteen part-time or full-time staff for the sake of this evaluation. This is a lot of people who deserve to live above poverty while working to get ahead.

Ironically, just this week, I've personally witnessed and heard from others as well that the behavior of McDonald's staff has improved. Yes, I walked in there to see what was shaking and if the air smelled like fries, as usual, or different in anyway. It's been years since going to one of these places, but I did for this incredible investigation and the cologne was classic, French Fries #9.

McDonald's has never, ever, ever, been known for their customer service and yet here some people in Brooklyn, NY making more eye contact with me and are friendlier than usual asking how my meal was! This is a rarity unless you're at the cashier when they give you the quick "Hi" or "Welcome to McDonalds, How can I help" pitch while not smiling and showing their misery.


  • Have you seen fast food staff provide sincere and helpful customer service?
  • Do you believe the minimum wage should improve forward? what amount?
  • Is it possible for any McDonald's staff to work harder than billionaires, as they say?
  • Would a change in minimum wage effect a franchises' bottom line significantly?
  • Do fast food business need a paradigm shift when waiters make even less without tips?

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