Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nuwi - Quinoa Smoothie For Everyone Gluten-Free Product Review

There has been a sharp rise of gluten free ingredient, quinoa, into the alternative lifestyle over the past 10 + years. I like this movement. What hasn't been done yet with quinoa until recently though, according to my research, is a delicious gluten free morning rich  smoothie/snack drink to start your your day.

Nuwi Blueberry - Packaging And Product
Nuwi may not come in a very large bottle (yet) but it's packed with a unique nutty, sweet, frothy flavor that is both delightfully unique yet slightly unexpected from this recipe of quinoa. The 10 oz bottle does make for a solid snack or breakfast substitute as it's packed with complete vegan protein. Nuwi contains 160 calories, 0 cholesterol, rich in fiber, iron, manganese (good for skin, bone, cartilage formation and glucose tolerance), magnesium, gluten-free and lactose free.

Your Health Matters
Lactose is often a gateway for Celiac Disease, which is the story of how I became diagnosed. I spent over two years suffering from Lactose Intolerance.  Don't upset yours GI by drinking milk based products or other artificially flavored milk ingredient smoothies snack drinks, when Nuwi is available. The lactose pills are hit or miss, typically worthless, we all know this, so avoid the lactose altogether and still get your thrills! Although the product is currently made in a shared manufacturing facility they analyze each batch and the ppm is 5. Hopefully they can become certified gluten-free next year to ensure complete safety to those with Celiac Disease.... who are the reason there is such a gluten-free movement of food and beverages. It's important and most respectful to label a gluten-free product that is safe for someone with Celiac Disease. Agree?

Products Made By People Who Care
Do you read ingredients? Do you care about your health? Do you care about your body? Do you care about the world? These founders do, check out their story here.

Recommended to Celiac: 4.5 out of 5
Recommend to Everyone: 4 out of 5

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