Friday, September 4, 2015

Do You Bag Your Own Groceries?

Are you the type of shopper who helps bag your own groceries or stands there watching? Bagging groceries is not a new concept at the grocery store. It doesn't matter where you shop: Whole Foods, HEB, Sprouts, Wegmans, Public, Shoprite, Stop N Shop, etc. standing at the cashier and watching people bag for you instead of lifting your hands is not acceptable. This is a problem for you, as other people watch with disbelief. I've gone to the grocery store multiple times over the last month observing shopper's behavior. Here are my findings, they're quite simple. Where do you belong in this analysis?

70% of Customers Don't Bag Groceries

-Trader Joe's Cashier-

We live in a world that is not the same as our parents or grandparents. Despite many variables that make up a lazy diagnosis, collaborating seems to still be too much work for the average Jack or Jill. Strangers are not as strange when you give them money in a store after they ring up your purchased products, ya know. So don't have a fear of the cashier man or woman! It's not scary to say hi to these people who you may not know. If you shop at the same store you may actually see them often, perhaps you can start to say hi. If they don't say hi back then you have my permission to find a new favorite store :)

Laziness Piles On

Why do people watch, most often with their mouth open not helping the cashier? Do you think it's their job only and therefore you are permitted to stand there motionless or on your phone preoccupied while they earn their paycheck? Hmm. That's certainly the wrong state of mind, in my opinion. There are many definitions and root causes of this state of mind, laziness. Regardless of any of those categories, some people go out of their way to help, do you? It's fair that you can find an ounce of energy, some activity with your hands, or be open to lifting a finger and bagging or guiding some products into a bag that you brought. Or if you're very lazy, you're still using harmful plastic bags from the store. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm just disappointed with shoppers in 2015 who stand at the cashier watching him/her silently do everything, 100%, while you are motionless expecting them to pack you up! That's laziness! Our ancestors hunted, gathered, farmed, and cooked their own food to the up most definition of survival. They picked, bent, chose, washed and cleaned to survive. 

Collaborate In Front Of You 

In a world unlike yesterday, we don't collaborate very much. I'm using the situation again at the grocery store to bounce off the laziness analysis. Helping others, talking to others, is a form of collaborating. Since it's your food you can guide the cashier, bagger, or assist to create a positive and fun environment for yourself and the employees there. Put down your phone. Think about what the world would be like if we all had a hand in it together, starting at the grocery cashier aisle. No more hands in your pocket, look out for others and help, or at least help yourself at the grocery aisle and smile. Life is good, be a smidge more active and your universe may return the favor one day. 

Bagging Groceries Becomes An Opportunity

I'm not perfect at all, but there are some activities that I partake in to be active, not lazy. To collaborate instead of being selfish.  I bring my own bag to the grocery store, most often. You can help pack your groceries, which can burn a few extra calories. Try talking to the cashier about food to test their knowledge or ask for recommendations. If they have none, their managers need to train them immediately as that would be unacceptable. Challenge your grocery store staff and be sure they are experts on something or can help you find someone regarding food, ingredients and opportunities. Your health is what's most important daily and when you shop for your food, be open, active, collaborate and you may end up going home with a smile, learning something new with a kick in your step!

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