Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Real Food Real Health Resolution

Who loves food? Who doesn't? Food is not only essential to our development from our early days but responsible for our ability to fight off challenges related to immune health, too. I believe we are what eat and we need to choose our delicacies in moderation. Can you eat veggies and fruits all day? Have you tried any new spices, teas, or fungi?  Are you living a flexitarian lifestyle of both meat and plants? What we as gluten free peeps can't risk is flirting with foods that contain or have risk of cross contamination of gluten.  This damages our health, visibly or silently. So keep saying, no, to those gluten everyday temptations and say heck yay to the world of fresh ingredients and less packaged or processed foods as you prepare your meals, snacks at home and when you leave the door. When you do choose a packaged processed food, eat them in moderation, mixed with an active healthy lifestyle, in the sun, and having fun all year round with those yo
u love. 

If there is anything the COVID 19 pandemic taught humanity it was to stop, become more aware of yourself, surroundings and health. From your fingers, nose, down to your toes, protect yourself appropriately and control yourself. So stop picking your nose, okay? As tough as it may be to stop, drop and roll into a new lifestyle, we all learned a lot about ourselves in 2020. Take a moment to evaluate the sacrifices, changes and what you may have learned. If you are content move ahead, or if you are frustrated, take this moment to identify what you know you need to do to improve something holding you back for tomorrow.

Celiacs and all gluten free lifestylists have a choice.  Legit gluten free food was here before you were. Gluten free food was also here before the inventions of processed packaged foods. Albeit, eaten in moderation is cool, if you review the ingredients and nutritionals based on your active lifestyle, people have and will survive with less. Keep practicing your ability to say, no. Less is more in 2021 and saying no is often safer than saying, yes. Return to the basics of what you need to live, love and succeed and don't be bashful when deciding how to be the best you!

Which changes are you going through this year? Share with me and let's help each other out. 

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