Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vegetables Belong In Majority of Meals

Look at your meal and ask yourself if there is enough organic vegetables in them. Yes/No?  Add more.

This is a question you should have during every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my humble opinion, your meals should have at least 50-75% of vegetables in every serving. These vegetables should be both raw and/or cooked, and you should be focussing on primarily organic foods as too many vegetables are being made with GMOs. Never eat a GMO as there is too little research done on long term testing for humans common sense says a food genetically made in a laboratory with chemicals unnatural to resist pesticides is unfathomably irrational.

If you're shopping at a local grocery, do you know if your vegetables are organic, hybrids or GMO seeds? So many of our every day vegetables and fruits are littered with pesticides to "protect" them from insects and help them grow quicker, faster, and larger! That's not normal. GMOs are not a good thang. Does that really appeal to people out there? Tomatoes are not supposed to be humungous ya know. If you're not growing your own food in you backyard or front yard garden then it's time to start exploring further and asking your local market what type of produce do they carry. If they say, "Yes. We do have GMO vegetables or fruit"  run far away and don't go back there. 

If you've got taste buds then use them. Steaming beans is not only fun, but delicious. Wash them well and add them to a steaming pot of water and get them ready for consuming. You can even sprinkle some oil, good pink himalayan salts, or other spices for a touch of flavor. However, taste the vegetables get to know them and the extra dipping hummus, sour cream, salsa, or other dip should be healthy or you're washing away the lifestyle choice of eating smart and healthy. 

Broccoli goes with almost everything. Breakfast with omelettes. Lunch with salads or steamed to accompany any lunch or dinner. I love broccoli added to my soup, sauté  grille or stews because it will steam at the top of the pan or pot and or bake for a nice touch. Don't over cook broccoli. When eaten raw it's most nutritious so aim for it that way, and dip it in some healthier options. And always share!

If you enjoy cooking and baking be creative. 


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