Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweet Note Bagels Gluten Free Product Review

All gluten-free bagels were not created equal. Texture, aroma, taste, and healthy ingredients should be the recipe for every food and beverage you eat. Recently, at a food expo in California, I met Michelle and Brittany from Sweet Note Bakery, lucky me! Michelle is a Philadelphia baker with the dream of bringing NY style gluten-free safe bagels to the free world everywhere. She reminded me that I should raise my expectations and consider a tastier NY style gluten free, fantastic bagel that I never had before (Made in a dedicated GF facility) ... All while being gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, peanut and tree nut free and NON GMO. I was happily intrigued. 


I accepted the challenge because I grew up on bagels as a youngster (pre-Celiac). My parents have leaned in on the gluten-free acceptance which I'm very grateful for and they have learned a lot about food ingredients, health and have more energy, too. They're nearly all in gluten-free, but I am still working on them. Regardless, bagels are part of my family's food culture! Yet for me, I usually leave the room or stand back to stay away from gluten so prominently at the table. For a gluten containing bagel the toasted smell and leaping crumbs go everywhere, it's just not safe for us gluten-free life-stylists. On the bright side, Sweet Note Bagels are denser, have that true bakery flavor, and are slightly smaller size bagels, chewier than your traditional extra large carb heavy bagels.

Imagine a Sunday morning. You take out your frozen Sweet Note Bagel/s and you put them into a preheated oven (or microwave if you're into that). No need to defrost. A few minutes later your gluten free bagel is ready for slicing and as it cools adding your favorite spreads. Perhaps you enjoy cream cheese, lox, ghee, peanut butter, jams or eggs like me!  By now the kitchen smells like a bakery, and your mouth is watering. Most other gluten free bagels don't offer a legit bakery scent in the air and are often flaky and not truly satisfying. Why settle for a subpar GF bagel anymore?

I preferred the everything bagels with all of the extra flavor goodness. The plain bagel was also delicious and cinnamon raisin as well. If you're looking for a NY style bagel, order Sweet Note online or find a local store in the northeast. I'm excited to see what's next for them regarding ingredient changes and flavor options. Who knows with these savvy Philly bakers. They even have a YouTube channel with diverse year round recipes using their bagels. So step up your bagel expectations with Sweet Note Bagels. 


Plain         Everything        Cinnamon        Poppy     

Sesame          Snickerdoodle         Pumpkin


Retailers: Available in 15 states and growing
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