Sunday, April 12, 2015

Udis & Smashburger Unite To Devastate Gluten-Free Safety

I can't tell you how upset I was after reading about Gluten Free Dude's finding that Smashburger used Udi's Gluten Free Bread (a once gluten-free leader) and failed an obvious cross contamination gluten-free test with a gluten free customer.   

Let's be very clear to those who manage a restaurant, servers and chefs along with those who are responsible at home to cook for gluten free family and friends:
  1. It's not okay to serve gluten free products in a cross contaminated area so wash, clean and/or separate all utensils and food much better.
  2. It's not okay to pretend you're promoting gluten-free options but exclude those with actual gluten related illnesses. Duh!
It's this type of ignorance and disrespect, that still exists in the food industry. You should continue to either second guess or stop eating out because what you buy is a mystery for many reasons. As in this Smashburger & Udi's instance, there is no such product that can be referred to as gluten-free and be knowingly contaminated in a toaster. Innocent people have probably been getting sick at Smashburger while trusting Udi's products. Meanwhile, the FDA has a guideline against this gluten free bad behavior, yet they will likely take no action.

Udis Smashburger Fail Gfree Test

Gluten-Free Cross Contamination Is Everywhere 

It's apparent that gluten cross contamination is still everywhere. If you're that hungry and crave a burger, then invest in a bbq grille and host a gluten-free only party for family and friends. There are so many great products out there that could be trusted. Restaurants like Smashburger are a joke. Smashburger cannot be trusted, and you should always ask many questions if you dare to eat out when experiencing a gluten-free related illness. 

To those who eat gluten sparingly on a diet fad, show respect and at least have the decency to support a 100% gluten-free experience. You're not helping those with Celiac Disease or other gluten related illnesses. Kindly try harder for us. 


Your pathetic. How could you decide that serving a gluten free product in a toaster that is usually serving glutenous bread is acceptable in 2015? That fad was so 5 years ago. Cross contamination is everywhere so I wonder if this is (a) bad management or (b) a direct attack toward those living a real gluten free lifestyle?  

I don't eat out at 99% of restaurants. If I take the risk I will call ahead and be sure they know that I'm a Celiac and explain the difference between a real gluten-free illness and just avoiding gluten. This is vital to educate those in the restaurant.  So if I absolutely have to dine out I talk with a manager, chef, server, repeatedly to make my presence felt (respectfully though) and ask the basic gluten free questions before I eat and question food when it comes out before I take a bite. Unfortunately as a Celiac, I cannot trust the world that serves gluten, and my health is too important. Therefore, my home is fully packed with fresh food, natural products that are backed up with a claim, including organic and non GMO.


I'm extremely disappointed that Udi's would put up with this type of behavior. Gluten-free brands cannot and should not partner with a restaurant who fails such an obvious cross contamination test.  Udi's, Udi's Udi's, hmmm, as the days go by you've changed and now this instance has a red mark on your back. I hope there is actionable change ahead.

Good luck my friends. The world continues to be a wild west for those with Celiac Disease!

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