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Gatherer's Granola Gluten-Free Product Review

 Gatherer's Granola

Here's my Gatherer's Granola observations: It's obvious, they have better granola ingredients and taste to take you through your day and adventures ahead. Inspired by the cute fuzzy animals out there who gather, burrow, and even scavenge day-to-day to get by, this concept of "gathering" has been birthed by Sandro Gerbini (jazz musician) out of Schenectady, NY. 

So why is Gatherer's Granola different than every other granola? Gatherer's Granola is made with mostly locally sourced organic ingredients and a taste that granola has not provided previously. The family recipe and unique flavor profile provide a breakfast snack with yogurt and milk or just as a snack for on the go that truly is focused on taste first. It's delicious! Gatherer's Granola is now available in 11 states and was founded by this great group of Jazz musicians and consists of 13 employees.

We all know that gluten free granola is not all made the same! That's why it's important to find and support brands that manufacture granola and other oat related products to the highest standards. Gluten Free oats must always be certified and it's also vital that you look for Non GMO and organic labels. Non GMO verification ensures that there are no genetically modified organisms used in the product. I always avoid GMOs and recommend that you do, too. Majority of products in the USA are secretly using GMOs and there is no labeling rule from the FDA so it's vital to look for products that are showcasing these claims. Organic is also preferred as well so that the pesticides and herbicides used to litter farms are not in your food and ingested either. It's also key to find tasty granola that's not over loaded with sugars. Gatherer's Granola balances top quality ingredients and superb taste that is lower in sugar compared to the competition. Just read the label and see for yourself.

Granola in my opinion is best enjoyed with high protein low sugar non-dairy milk such as almond milk, coconut milk and/or combination of milks for a unique flavor. If you are able to drink cow's milk and are not lactose intolerant, then of course you can also create a delicious granola milk combination. Otherwise, enjoy a few scoops of organic plain yogurt with the granola in a bowl topped with fresh cut strawberries, apples, peaches, bananas, plums or other fruits in season and even fresh raw honey. Having Gatherer's Granola is ideal by itself. There is so much delicious crunch and flavor when you eat it directly out of the bag. It's a great   snack for active people, but remember it's truly best to be moving and off your feet when you consume granola. Sitting around and snacking is not preferred. My mantra always is, only eat what you are going to use to fuel your day ahead! 


Badger's Best: Dark chocolate, quinoa, & coconut

Bee's Knees: Honey, walnuts, & pistachios

Turtle Tracks: Dark chocolate, pecans, cranberries, & cinnamon

 Turtle Tracks

LOCATIONS: If you're in New York check out these local markets.

AWARDS: Recipient of the 2011 International Deciduous Forest Animal (IDFA) award of supreme excellence.

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