Wednesday, April 22, 2015

EZ Gluten Test Kit Product Review

How Can I Know For Sure 
If Food & Beverages Are Gluten-Free?

If you haven't used the EZ Gluten Test Kit before then it's time  pick up a few kits for the holidays for you or someone you truly care about.  Whether you have Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance or another form of sensitivity to gluten proteins, Elisa Technologies offer kits for you to test food and beverages quickly and efficiently via a test strip. Most of us know not to take risks, but every once in a while I hear about people taking way too many risks, so now in less than 10 minutes you can check that food sample, finally! I tried it and I'll share with you my results.  These EZ Gluten Test are extremely simple kit that in less than ten minutes will detect the presence of gluten proteins in foods and beverages. It is sensitive enough to detect levels of gluten as low as 10 ppm (which is 2x better than the FDA guidelines). As you can see in my example here, the test kit is small and portable enough for at home, going to friends, or family, heading to a restaurant or whenever you need to know if a food could have gluten contamination, and avoid it! 


  1. Obtain a food sample and ground it up per the provided measurement
  2. Add the sample to the extraction solution and mix gently up and down
  3. Take a few drops of the sample extract and place it in the test tube
  4. Lastly, place the EZ Gluten Test Strip into the test tube to absorb the sample extract
  5. After 10 minutes the test strip can be read as negative, positive, or neutral for gluten 

 EZ Gluten Home Test Kit
 EZ Gluten Home Test Kit


In this test example, I utilized samples from V/NO alcohol removed red wine, and it tested negative for gluten <10 ppm. Congrats to V/NO but I haven't tested their other products, rose or white wine. 

About Elisa Technologies

ELISA Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop enzyme immunoassay technology for use in the food industry. Their mission is to assure food quality by creating and supporting rapid, reliable, sensitive and cost-effective testing solutions. They are committed to using expertise in species, allergens, antibiotics, drugs, hormones and toxins. Elisa Tech commitment is to provide its clients with accurate, confidential, efficient, reliable and cost-effective analytical options to meet their needs.


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  1. These tests are expensive and do not work!! Don’t waste your money. Plus trying to call this company is impossible because they don’t have a working phone number. Red flag!!