Sunday, March 2, 2014

This Is How I Omelette

Voluntary Vegetable Overdose

Slice, dice, stripe, squares or whatever your fancy. Just be sure there is a lot of colorful and fresh organic vegetables (preferred) in your omelette and every meal. Go with what's on sale and/or use my favorites; onion, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes at minimum. Saute-style on the stovetop on low/med with olive oil and/or coconut oil, light spices such as a dash of salt, pepper, cumin, and turmeric and add into your saucepan. Wash all vegetables carefully to avoid any gluten contamination in the home or from store accidents.

Add The Beaten Eggs

After the vegetables are semi cooked, not fully cooked though, add the eggs slowly around your pan. It'll start to smell super divine in your kitchen and beyond at this point. I typically use a six organic eggs in my omelette to share ;) for 2-3 people if you have sides such as fruit or sliced avocado or you may have extras. (Don't eat egg leftovers longer than a day though because they're obviously best freshly cooked. Continue to cook and cover this concoction on low/med heat. At this time start to prep your taste or bagel (optional) so that you have enough defrosted slices prepped for about five minutes prior to the last step for exact timing. 

Eggy For Breaky Is Created

Since it's covered and cooking on a fairly low flame it will fluff similar to a frittata. I checked it along the way to be sure it wasn't too runny, but that's okay if it is as it will continue to steam and slowly fluff and shape in your sauce pan. Patience grasshopper. If you're in a rush go run. Dash half way through cumin and turmeric for some good spice loving.

Gluten-Free Toast or Bagel

Since you prepped ahead and had toast ready you can combine your hot omelette with your warm toast or bagel.While in the saucepan slice your omelette into small triangle pizza slices so that they fit on your toast without getting overly messy, yet ample food.  On each toast or bagel add organic gluten-free sriracha for a kick or some salsa on the side.  Do not over consume bread, ever, even if it's gluten-free. Focus on eating healthy food and not the comfort food of bread or bagels. 

Tips For Gluten-Free Omelettes

  • Clean all sauce pan, plates and silverwear with virgin sponges and hot water/soap if you're in a non gluten-free kitchen such as friend or family
  • Be sure your spices are gluten-free, yes they can be contaminated in a facility
  • Use a gluten-free toaster or another saucepan for "toasting" bread instead of someone else's dirty glutened toaster because you'll get sick!
  • Always have frozen or fresh gluten-free bread, toast and sriracha and salsa available in your home, trust me!
  • Be sure all surfaces were cleaned so that there is no risk of contamination.

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