Thursday, March 6, 2014

Expo West 2014 Is Finally Here


This is my first Expo West, but certainly not my first rodeo. My goals are to leave nothing behind, schedule meetings with innovative Celiac friendly gluten-free brands and people with the same mission, taste some treats, exchange biz cards, hydrate along the way and support those who stand beside us in our 100% gluten-free movement.

WHAT IS THIS FOOD SHOW ALL ABOUT? This is no ordinary food trade show... It's over flowing with trail blazers, pioneers and the calvary are here and we're not going away anytime soon. It's the initiatives of these incredible individuals that continue to bring YOU the products that are focussed on your health and taste simultaneously, challenge the status quo and re-shape the food and beverage marketplaces not only in the USA but around the world for a smarter and healthier tomorrow.  

LEGIT NATURAL BRANDS: There are countless gluten-free brands, most are legit and those who are not we will analyze. For the rest of the time my comfortable shoes, skinny jeans, button down and bacpack will enable me to navigate the never ending trade show floor and speaking events...  For those who don't know what Expo West is all about... this is where the greatest and most innovative natural food and beverage brands, people, products and services unite for business leadership forward. This is the holy grail my friends. Anyone and everyone who prides themselves on offering alternative to main stream food and beverages seek to be in here for new distribution, brokers, retailers, marketers, health practitioners and the rest of the supply chain, indeed.

Join our community. Comment in each post, Facebook post and Twitter and/or let me know by reach out throughout our social playplace. 

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