Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rudi's Gluten-Free Kids Scholarship Contest 2014

GlutenFreeG Contest

When Is Rudi's Summer Camp Contest?

Starting immediately from February 18 – March 18, the wonderful gluten-free and non-GMO brand, Rudi’s, is offering their second gluten-free (1 week) summer camp scholarship contest.

How Do Kids Apply For Gluten-Free Camp?

Families are encouraged to log-on to Facebook and (1) Like the page Rudi's Happy camper Facebook in the top right corner. (2) Then you can submit a 100-word essay from their kids about, “what makes them special” for a chance to win a one-week scholarship to attend a gluten-free overnight camp. The concept of a gluten-free camp is fairly new and they offer a targeted healthy, exciting experience to those kids with stable Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance at Camp Weekaneatit in Georgia or Gluten-Free Fun Camp in Minnesota. 

Contest Winner (10) 

Based on the uniqueness and thoughtful essay, Rudi’s plans to choose 10 winners, ranging in ages from 8-17, to have a gluten-free camp outing that is unlike any other camp in this world! Winners will be announced on April 2, 2014

I Buy Rudi's Gluten-Free Because:

I trust them for quality and taste, I do. For the past 35 years, based out of Colorado, they have offered a variety of gluten-free and non-Gmo breads, hot dog rolls, hamburger rolls, tortillas, pizza crusts, too. When I lived out in Denver for various years, Rudi's was everywhere and certainly that "hometown hero" and loyalty will always be deep in my background. I hope they continue to innovate and offer more nutrient dense healthier and tastier innovative breads as the competition grows and the market for gluten-free continues. When I go out and the party requires me to partake via bringing gluten-free breads, I trust that most grocery frozen departments such as Wholefoods and/or large supermarket chains will have Rudi's.

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