Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Republic Of Tea Gluten-Free Product Review

I love tea and I now love Republic of Tea. It's true. During the morning through afternoon you'll likely find me sipping at least 2-3 cups of tea almost every day, if I'm not sipping my kombucha. It doesn't have to always be boiling hot although seasonally in the cold northeast I would be. I also enjoy iced green tea, chai with almond milk or fruity herb teas without sugar and not watered down. I just enjoy the taste and know that when I drink tea I'm consuming one of nature's most prized possessions. Recently, we sampled a few teas that I wanted to share with you from Republic of Tea.

Gluten Free G approved

  1. Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha: Super star green tea powder indeed has super powers 
  2. Republic of Tea Moringa: Miracle medicinal tea with green rooibos and a mango splash
  3. Republic of Tea Jiagoulan: Immortality herbs with sweet-ish monk fruit and ginger heat
  4. Republic of Tea Chai: Delicate and fine chai tea leaves blended with a fair heat

  • Recommend to Celiac: 5 out 5
  • Recommend to Gluten Intolerant: 5 out of 5
  • Recommend to Everyone: 5 out of 5

Republic of Tea
They are a socially and environmentally responsible business that most should learn from. Launched in 1992 the Republic of Tea sparked a tea revolution by providing tea for all men and women. They creatively merged herbs and other ingredients to make very impressive product line of dozens of teas. For over thousands of years tea has been a signature of good health, happiness and even wisdom partner! If you're seeking self reflection go ahead and make tea part of your diet and you may just come up with a good idea or two (not guaranteed, ha).

Unique Packaging
Republic of Tea has very unique packaging in a terrific cyclnder so that you can recycle it and put other stuff in thereafter. The herbs and teas are sealed in a round unbleached tea bag opposed to square bags that occasionally include glues or staples. Why would anyone put staples anywhere near a food products beats me!

Is It Gluten-Free?
Most Republic Of Teas are certified gluten-free under Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) validation under <10ppm regulations. This is even better than the lazy FDA since they only approved legislation for <20ppm when studies show that <20ppm for a Celiac may possibly cause an auto-immune response. However, this data is still up for debate, although some Celiacs have expressed concerns via blogging.

Types of Tea

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