Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gluten-Free Halloween List 2013

Celiac.com has shared their list of safe gluten-free candies for 2013 and you should view it before you shop and eat yourself or family and friends here. It's great to have Celiac.com provide us with the list of the most popular candy product available on the market and be able to know which is safe and which to avoid. That's what is great about the community we are involved in and having this transparency helps us choose wiser and smarter to be healthier and reduce auto-immune reactions during this wild Halloween time of year.

Halloween Candy & Your Health
Candy, candy and more candy, it's what kids think about for the first 15-20 years of their lives!  Eventually, kids get a more sophisticated taste bud and may prefer certain candy over other, I hope :)  But for now it's all about filling as much as possible into their candy bags as they run like crazy down the street from home to home dressed in costumes with their friends. For example, I am a big kid and I enjoy peanut butter, fruit based sweet and of course chocolate, but I must know 100% that it's a certified gluten-free chocolate or candy or in a gluten-free facility and do my research. I choose a very dark in the evening and a milk chocolate during the day for some bizarre reason, but hey that's just me. 

Gluten-Free Candy & Chocolate
The elephant has stepped into the room. Keep in mind that just because most gluten-free candy options are proven gluten-free they are not necessarily healthy, non GMO or organic by nature. In fact, most of the brands on the Celiac.com candy list are going to shock you with the low quality of manufacturing and ingredients, but if that's not your concern, enjoy!  Just remember that in our culture, cheap cost, typically signifies low quality and poor health options. So when you buy that large bag of candy be wary. There are certainly exceptions, but this year and next, consider your health first and still have a lot of fun noshing on delicious sweets. 

My Favorite Gluten-Free Candy & Chocolates


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