Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teacher Who Bullied Me

This morning I was told, "Go eat gluten" by someone who I thought was somewhat of friend of mine.  Did I do anything to deserve this statement? No. I was on Facebook and chatting sports with friends in a discussion on my wall when this other person decided to randomly chime in and tell me this rude statement.

Who Was This Bully?
This was actually a friend who is very smart in fact they're a 10-year seasoned teacher of young students. This person is responsible for educating and influencing children's lives yet they are bullying me in a public forum. A 30+ year old individual who knows much better.

"Go Eat Gluten" Is Not A Punchline

It's not a punchline, it's not a self defense technique if you're feeling upset and want to get back at someone and it's not what friends say to each other. It's actually an extremely insulting remark. If I were to go eat gluten then my body would have an auto-immune reaction and I would become very ill. Causing immediate and potential long term damage to my life. Why would my friend ask me to do this? Why would anyone suggest this? Is this supposed to be funny? Hmm... Are any of these other suggestions below funny to you?

  • I hope you get Cancer
  • Go pound sugar to a Diabetic
  • Go jump off a bridge to a Depressed 
  • Go eat gluten to a Celiac

What Did I Do About It?
I deleted the comment on Facebook. Then I wrote them a note letting them know how I did not appreciate what they said and told them what would happen to me if I did what they suggested. I haven't heard back yet and if I don't receive a very honest and sincere apology I will 100% stop being friends with them despite the repercussion of other friends in our circle. That's also my advice to you... remove all of the poisons from everywhere in your life (food and people).

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