Monday, May 13, 2013

NuGo (Nutrition To Go) Gluten-Free Product Review

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing a delicious energy bar for all gluten-free lifestylists. I've been taken to a whole new level of amusement, intrigue and satisfaction when it comes to shopping in the health grocery for a gluten-free energy bar. NuGo (Nutrition on the go) has jam packed full of protein, natural ingredients, and of course the feel good gluten-free certification on most of their products, but not all so read the labels. I've been excited for this Gluten-Free product review.

I've found my favorite NuGo... I bring Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Trail Mix with me everywhere. I have a box in my cart, a few in my gym bag, at the office, my brother's house, stuffed in jacket pockets and camel back for outdoor adventures. Just look at that packaging, it's actually how it looks inside. There is a great balance of nutrition from the protein, calories, sodium in the trail mix and chocolate to satisfy your depleted needs during a park or street run, trail hike, casual hike, bike, snow shoe, snowboard, skiing without making you feel ill from an excess of oils, chocolate, like some other brands. To be safe though, as always, pace yourself and your needs appropriately during long exercise.


Most bars are certified gluten-free, but check their list below. In addition, some options are also organic, vegan, pareve, certified kosher, sugar free, low glycemic, diabetic snack, high fiber, soy free, low fat, high protein, etc. Read their full ingredient list here.

  • NuGo Free: Dark Chocolate trail mix is unruly awesome
  • NuGo Slim: Haven't tried it yet, but heard good thangs
  • NuGo Dark: Mint Choc Chip was my favorite dark
  • Crispy Cat: Haven't tried yet, but look delicious
Recommended to Celiacs: 5 out of 5
Recommended to Anyone: 5 out of 5

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